October 7th, 1991. The rural mountains of South Ossetia provide good cover for you and your partner. Her name is Natela Kipiani, and to you, she might as well be your lover. Her black hair cascades down her back, and her brown eyes show off her natural beauty. She is quite a good fighter, she keeps her silver blade close, and her rifle loaded, ready for any suprise that may face her. Her touch is tender and soft, yet hard and tough at the same time. You call it the "Georgian Touch." She is funny, making jokes about everybody, the Turks, the Soviets, the Ossetians. She truly is your love, you know it. You two make up a single fireteam, tasked with infiltraiting Ossetian-controled houses, and taking key information, as well as killing any who stand in your way. Today you are in the small village of Kornisi, located about 3.7 Km (2.3 Mi) from the Georgian-Ossestian border. You walk slowly on the only road in and out of the village, Natela close by. As near the occupied house, you find it boarded up, a tell-tale sign of it being occupied.

"Ready?" You ask her.

"Of course." She replies as you both find your way to the back door.

"Who's breaching this time?" You say. "I lost count."

Natela chuckles. "That would be you, Niko."

"I guess." You say as you breach the door, entering the psudo-compound. You can hear footsteps coming closer, enemy soldiers. You peer down the iron sights of your rifle to find nothing on your side of the ground floor, so you move to the middle of the ground floor. You find an enemy soldier around a corner, unalerted of your presense. You slowly attach a suppressor to your rifle, careful not to alert the man. Once attached, you fire a single round into his head. The noise it makes alerts a few guards to your position. They march towards you, getting louder and louder, you aim down the sights of your rifle, checking to see if they are there, until a bullet whizzes past you, and you duck behind the wall. More bullets continue to go by, while you hope Natela takes care of those soldiers. The bullets then stop, she did it. You turn around to see Natela's sweet smile on her face.

"You're welcome." She says.

"Thank you." You reply as you begin to head up the stairs to the bedroom. You throw open the door, and inside is a man, just one single man.

"Who are you?" He asks.

"We are Georgian soldiers, here to rescue you." You say, but your words are caught as you hear the sound of a pistol being charged, you move your hands up in the air.

"Actually..." She says, moving the gun to your head. "I'm here to "save" you." You are frozen, you can't believe that your girl, the one who you truly loved, was a traitor.

"Natela... Are you... Ossetian?" You ask.

"I guess so..." She sighs. "I'm sorry Niko, I didn't want to do this." She grabs the man, cuffs him, and begins to pull him away.

"Are you a communist, then?" You ask.


"Natela, I-I..." You stutter.

"Loved me? I knew that from the start. It was quite easy to find out." She takes your rifle, and keeps holding the other man close by.

"You can go, Niko." She says before leaving the room, and closing the door.