0: 29 November 1929: Dallas, Texas.

Your name is Sidney Moore and you were born in Texas in 1900.

Life was never kind to you.

Your parents died when you were a child.

When you were a teenager you lost the use of your left arm after it was crushed in a cotton gin.

As an adult you were convicted of a crime you didn’t commit and served a jail term.

When you got out you met Buck Barrow.

Buck is a handsome devil-may-care kind of man a few years younger than you with short black hair and a ready grin. He makes his money from stealing. Sometimes he takes his kid brother Clyde along. Clyde is a short, chatty and energetic youth with big dreams and a taste for fast cars and snappy suits.

You are all from the swampy slums of West Dallas, nicknamed “The Bogs” because that’s what they become every time it rains. Everyone in The Bogs live in tents or cabins built from scrap metal and wood. Mostly they work in the nearby cement factories. Nobody has much: if they had they wouldn’t be living in West Dallas. Buck and Clyde, the Barrow Boys, have more than most though. They steal cars and sell them - earn about $100 a car.

It would take you a solid month of ten-hour days to make that much in the factories - the factories don’t hire cripples though. You make your money hustling in a makeshift Pool Hall and it’s there you meet and befriend Buck. He takes pity on you and over several months a solid friendship develops. “You should drive for me and Clyde,” he tells you one day after a dozen beers. “What have you got to lose Sid? A good run is better than a poor stand. Besides: you never break the law until you get caught.”

You agree.

One night you drive the Barrow boys out of Dallas on a payroll job in a stolen Ford.

As the twinkling city lights vanish into the darkness of the highway behind, you have no idea what is about to happen: a person never knows when their life is about to change until, suddenly, it just does.
KILLED is 0.
SCORE is 0.