What's going on?

The first thing that hits you when you wake up is the pain. Your head feels like it's about to explode; it's like someone is jamming an ice pick into your brain, and you can't stop the pain. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, the pain fades. You open your eyes and allow them to adjust the darkness around you.

You try to get up, but there seem to be metal restraints keeping you tied to the chair. As your eyes focus, you can pick out an object a few steps away from where you currently reside. You're not sure, but that seems to be the only thing in the room. Looking around you, you can't see any windows or doors. Whoever put you in here was thorough; you can't pick up any useful information at a glance.

Suddenly, a light turns on and spotlights the object in front of you. It's a table, and it turns out there was something on top of it. You squint your eyes to get a closer look, and you realize...that it is a bomb! You desperately try to break free of your restraints, but to no avail. After a little struggle, you resign yourself to your fate, and that is when the restraints pop open automatically.

You cautiously bring your hands up, rubbing your wrists. You try searching the walls for a door seam or something to help you but to no avail. Deciding that you have only one option left, you walk over to the table where the bomb resides. As soon as you pick up the bomb, a beep sound rings out and an LCD display on the wall suddenly flashes.


You quickly realize that it's a countdown. You highly doubt anything good will happen if the timer does reach 0, so you begin...


Certain pages will make the countdown go down by certain amounts, so it's in your best interest to answer correctly as quickly as possible. Oh, and try not to get any wrong answers because every wrong answer deducts 30 seconds off of the timer. Happy solving!

TIMER is 240.