Capture the Flag

Mist rises over the battlefield.  It is a Saturday morning:  The traditional time to resolve such disputes.  For three weeks now, Alexsis has been encroaching on the only good seat at the seventh grade lunch table; territory that is yours by birthright.  Today, you reclaim what is rightfully yours, and defeat your nemesis in your ancestral form of combat:  A game of capture the flag.

“Seriously?” complains Katherine, shivering slightly.  It’s a colder morning than usual for this time of year.  “Couldn’t you two have worked this out with a game of rock paper scissors or something?”

“He cheats at rock paper scissors,” says Alexsis.

“I do not!” you protest.  “How would you cheat at rock paper scissors, anyways?”

“Can we just get this over with?” asks Katherine.  “This had better be finished by noon.  I have a soccer game, and it’s freezing out.”

“It’ll warm up quickly,” says Harriet, pointing at the sky.  “The sun just needs to start cutting through the fog.”

“Who’s picking first?” asks Corey from behind you, making you start in surprise.

“You can pick first,” smirks Alexsis, giving you a nudge.  “You’ll need it.”

Well, she’s not going to goad you into giving up your first-pick slot that way.  You scan the crowd of your friends, before your eyes settle on one.  “Stacy."  Stacy grins and jogs over to where you are, giving you a high-five.  You’re sure you’ve made the right choice; Stacy’s one of the fastest kids you know.

“Jonathan,” points Alexsis.

“Mike,” you decide.  Mike isn’t particularly strong or fast, but he’s got a sharp set of eyes and ears.

“Finn,” says Alexsis.

You survey your options, and then sigh.  “Katherine,” you say.  You aren’t thrilled about putting up with her complaints all day, but she does play soccer after all.  She’s fast and strong.

“Liam,” says Alexsis.

It’s your pick again, and you have to say, you’re not totally sure who to go with.  The two remaining kids are Harriet and Corey, neither of whom you know particularly well.  They both seem friendly, given your interactions with them so far, but you aren't certain what their skills would be in a game like this.