Life Sucks...

It's a Saturday morning. Everyone hates you, you just lost your job at Mcdonalds,  your girlfriend dumped you, and you're down to your last hundred bucks. In fact, aside from this crappy house your parents left you, your bicycle and your own hands, you have nothing but the clothes you're wearing.

Well, you can't stay inside moping all day. You gotta face the world sometime.

TIP: New to advanced games? Just plain stupid? Think I'd look smarter if I wrote instructions? Before you can click the link to the next page, 'pick up' the two items on this page.

CASH is 100.
ENERGY is 50.
HEALTH is 100.
Your standard pedal like a freak environmentally friendly vehicle. Bicycle Uh, yeah, not really an 'item', you've had these things for a while. But uh, you know... Fists