The evil lair

Phoenix holographic Main quarters, Iana Lopez's office responsible for intelligence operations and asset recovery

In an office so immense that the darkness incarnate, becomes a cold black hole swallowing all light and joy from the public sections of the corporate building.

The only light is the hologram of a bald, frail man near his 300th birthday lies inside an exoskeleton lined in gold and diamonds—a CEO.

Iana, the only organic creature in the room, clutches her steaming cup of tea as if it were a shield ... This is definitely going to be a very, very long day.

The older man's flickering image burns in a strange hoarse rage, like the roar of a Lion in braces. "How could this happen? Didn't we disable the threat eight bloody years ago? How is it possible that the mind control tool has appeared in that fucking mining colony? "

"I ... Sir:" Lopez tries to introduce into the fluid dialectic diarrhoea of her boss.

For a second, his steely eyes hovered like bullets over the dark office. "I don't want to hear your excuses. Do you have any idea what might happen if that technology gets to touch the galactic web?

"Hmm," Iana whispers… "The owner could mentally control absolutely all the planets in this sector of the Galaxy. But, sir… We have found a possible witness to the location of the subject."

"What happens? Get to the point I have no time to waste, young lady. Rumours are starting to spread. "

Lopez closes her eyes for a moment before alerts of leaks from her safety net flood her cortex.

"You're not going to like what the guy will say when he arrives at our Martian facility."

"I will leave you alone. Your head hangs by a thread. It would undoubtedly be an excellent trophy to add to my wall of failures. " -The hologram screen and the old man's figure vanish like a grumpy ghost-

"I have a lot of intelligence to read about how we have been able to screw up so much these last few years." The woman whispers for herself as she looks at the two available memory shards.

What a shitty mess you have left me." She blurbs while looking at the image of the last intel executive, a deceased boss at the top of the old database.

Which file should I see first? The agent we commissioned to cancel the subject 8 years ago or the little information found in the memory chip of the project's creator?