Prep Stage

Dina walks into the living room, flower-shaped sweets on a tray in her hand. You lean over and kiss her.
"Hey sweetie," she says, her black wings curling and turning pink at the tips. She places the treats on the oak table and straightens. "I should go back and get the rest of the treats. This is gonna be the best party you've ever thrown!" Dina's pale pink tail curls around your leg then releases. Her tail curls around her leg.
Taking a look around the living room, you see a few gaps in the new paint. After all, you did have to re-do it. The paint is purple with pink swirls covering it. Most of the furniture is oak painted white with a white chair on one side. You got the pink loveseat and matching purple couch for Dina as she loved the pair. You magically lift the paint bucket and begin to fill in the spots with long streaks of beautiful paint. Once you're done, you turn and see Dina's pink hair go down the hallway. There's a new platter on the table. You've never seen this recipe before, but then again, Dina loves to try new recipes - you shudder just thinking about her octopus-asparagus curry. It was sooo gross, you thought you wouldn't be able to swallow it. Even Dina had found it repulsive.
You check the clock. It's 9'oclock. The party starts at noon.