The Inner Voice

“You must be truly desperate if you’re coming to me."

The Skeleton turns to meet your gaze, a shawl wrapped around her ribcage. In the darkness of the night, her bones are almost luminescent, a sight that unnerves you a little.

Remembering your reason for being here tonight, you speak. “Please, he’s not supposed to be here. You have to help me.”

“You mean I should help you to help him?”

You nod, the gesture feeling strange when you’re a disembodied figure. Being an inner voice is always a disorientating experience.

“Ethan’s doing well so far. As his inner voice, you should know that.”

“I know. It’s just… there’s something I can’t quite figure out.”

She laughs, the sound equal parts eerie and enchanting. “Of course, darling. I’ve designed this mystery. It’s not supposed to be easy.”

“Doesn’t genius need an audience?” You try to reign in your emotions so as to not sound like you’re begging. “This whole intricate mystery, a most intellectual problem... it’s all going to waste if none of them solves it. So, tell me what I need to know, and you shall learn the nature of those who call themselves human.”

Sighing, the Skeleton nods. Commanding the breeze to frolic around the trees more playfully and causing the stars to shine a little brighter, she invites you to sit down.

“You know the cost of knowledge, don’t you, child?”

“I’m prepared.”

She snaps her finger-bones. “In that case, ask away.”