A good Monday?

Your week-long battle with the flu is finally over. You can actually show up to work today.

And it’s a good thing, too. According to an email from Linda, a bunch of new hires have just finished training and started working. You'll need to be there to answer questions and help them out.

Though you could care less about work, you’re glad to not be bedridden anymore. Your typical commute seems like an adventure compared to your relatively short trips from your bathroom to your bedroom. It’s a Monday, but the sky is clear and most of the road work from last week’s battle is already done. No fireballs, portals to other dimensions, or monster slime interrupt your drive.

As you pull into your office parking lot, you realise you’ve arrived early. Enough time to get a Starbucks and a sandwich.

Five minutes later, you exit the coffee shop with your prize. You head to the office, an unusual spring in your step. As you sip your drink, remembering what half-decent coffee tastes like, you think that maybe Mondays aren’t so bad.