The Ancient Dungeon

After three hours of walking through the hot desert, you've finally made it. The ancient building stands before you and your companions, still in relatively good condition given that it was built well over a thousand years ago.

"We're here," says your leader, who you all know as 'Captain' and nothing else. "Now remember, all of you, this is a life or death situation. You're taking a risk by going in here with the rest of us. We know there could be ancient traps set up all over the place. If you turn back now, it's your choice, but you won't get to share any treasure that we find, and will not he allowed to go on future expeditions." Annoyingly, but not surprisingly, you can't help but notice him looking directly at you and the woman standing next to you; you're the only two women in the group of ten people.

You come from a small village at the edge of the desert with a population that must be only a few hundred. As the story goes, it was built on the ruins of an ancient city that crumbled three thousand years ago. Due to your father being the only doctor for hundreds of miles, your family has more than enough money. You moved out of your parents' house a few years ago now, but they still supply you with more money to keep your life going than most residents of your village could dream of. Those are the people that have no home, sleep on the ground, and the half of them that don't have a job spend their days begging for cash on the streets.

Admittedly, it's your father's money that has got you into this group of explorers. Day by day, you walk around the areas surrounding your village looking for clues of ancient treasures. You haven't had much luck so far, and when you do, Captain keeps almost all of what you find for himself. Still, it's an interesting life.

That brings you back to where you are. You're at the entrance to an ancient dungeon, which based on the clues you have gathered, most are you are convinced will contain some sort of treasure. However, the dungeon looks intimidating, and if Captain's speech is anything to go by, there's a chance you might not come out alive. Turning around, you see four men leaving the site, walking back towards the village. Maybe you should go with them. You have a compass, so you'll know which way to go. But it would haunt you for the rest of your life if you missed out on a share of the treasure.