"Courier 237,
You are tasked with delivering a package where discretion and security are held as the utmost priority. Your objective is to travel into the city of Helstrom and locate the client “Kali-72”. Once contact has been made, deliver the package and receive the first half of the payment. Leave the city peacefully and you will receive the rest of your payment upon return. Be warned, should any harm come to the package or even desertion will result in automatic failure and payment will be nullified. Should the package fall in the wrong hands, you are equipped with the latest upgrade of the plasma pistol and will be expected to immediately terminate anyone who poses a threat. Upon request, this note may be used as identification at checkpoints Remember, whatever happens, do NOT open the package inside the city or there will be dire consequences.
-Vega I Delivery Services"

Dark clouds form as you arrive at the city of Helstrom, a rotting waste pit of old tech rubble and the impoverished, aliens and humanoids alike. Crime and poverty are top-tier concerns for the inhabitants within as laws are brittle and authority is spread thin. Corruption is common and trust is a luxury that only a few can afford. The city presents itself as an impenetrable fortress with armed guards patrolling the outer wall which towers over you like an iron giant. You see guards leading travelers through a security checkpoint as you approach the entrance.