You took a step onto a star below you. It warmed your feet. All around you was space, stars, comets that dashed between the gravities of the lifeless planets in this endless universe. You looked at your palm, pressed it through the air or lack thereof, and with your touch created a ripple in space and time, and you followed it until it fizzled away.

Everything about this boundless world beyond your world mesmerized you, that’s why you studied it. The white dwarf stars whose light was icey, and the small rocks filled with elements not seen on Earth, burning up as they collided with those stars.

You heard something behind you. It sounded like the whining of a frayed electrical wire. You looked to see a golden light like a young star, creeping towards you, in a form similar to your own. It had one armish limb that reached towards you.

You weren’t afraid.