Aubba P the Cat

Aubba P seems to be lost for a while now. He was walking along the sidewalk of a busy roadside, wandering a little too far from home. Aubba P stalked around surveying the area for a meal, sure that his owner would come to get him soon. 

The summer sun was dazzling with no wind to compensate. Favorable for a fine sleep beside a fan, but not for a walk on hot concrete. His fur looked a little ruffled accompanied by some spots of dirt. 

His almond-sized nose in the air and tabby tail down low, he kept walking on the straight path before him, as various colored cars passed through. This must be the path home, Aubba P thought. As he walked along a smell wafting through the air struck him a distinct scent of a grape sanitizer and another of a familiar pork dish he was sometimes fed. Both scents he's come to grow comfortable with at home.

Aubba P doesn't know that both paths will lead him into a fatal misfortune. He lacks experience outside, a house kitten since day one. In fact, this was his very first time outside the yard as a full-grown tabby.

A ha! Home is somewhere around here! 

Tipping his head up, and closing his eyes, he could sense the origin of the sanitizer, seemingly coming from a yard across the road. The pork dish smell comes from straight ahead into a park. Aubba P stretches his pump, gray body, thinking this whole adventure is finally coming to a close. He'll finally be able to lay down on his comfortable pillow. 

However close to the end, it may be, he still has to make a choice. Follow the funky sterile sanitizer? Or walk to the aroma filling porky smell?