The Beginning


You hadn’t even wanted to go to college.

You felt set in pursuing freelance design, but your parents insisted.

Now, here you are, one month into school you didn’t even want to go to, and the apocalypse hits.

Great, fantastic, even.

You didn’t really believe it at first, and it still hasn’t totally set in.

One moment you’re passed out in a calculus class and the next everyone’s phone is blowing up with a ‘Biological Organic Weapon’ alert. You’ve spent the last hour running around confused, a little scared, and mostly concerned that you didn’t pay for the bike you rented earlier.

The campus exploded into panic, and through your own confusion, you caught glimpses of things distinctly non-human. After all that, you find yourself sitting in an abnormally large biology lab- you smell awful, and you’re trying desperately to catch your breath.

There are two other students in the room- an older girl and a scrawny boy, both looking as confused and stressed as you. There are sirens, screams, and alarms blaring outside, but the room itself is quiet.

You finally regain composer.