Adventure Awaits!


Ah, the sea. An endless void of ferocious water that you could get lost in. Both literally and figuratively. Navigation wasn’t your strong suit, if it were up to you, you and the crew would’ve been lost at sea ten times over. 

But luckily for you, and your crew, you are not. Unluckily for your crew, you are the captain. And they have to deal with your usually poor choices. 

Sucks to be them

“Captain!” a shout comes from below. Your first mate is standing on the deck. A somewhat unhappy expression fixed upon his face. You look down and gesture for him to continue speaking. Instead he just huffs and points to the side of the ship.

You turn your head to follow whatever he’s pointing at. Only to see one very obvious royal navy ship not that far from your ship. Thankfully, it seems they haven’t spotted you yet. Okay, yeah, maybe you should’ve been paying a bit more attention to your surroundings.


Your first mate pinches the bridge of his nose, muttering something under his breath. He yells back up to you, “What are your orders, Captain?”

You have a few ideas in mind as to what to do. You could think this through, or you could just do what sounds the most fun. A smile curls on your lips as you make your decision.