Once upon a time...

Not all that long ago there lived a poor, poor woman on a tiny farm nearly half a day's walk from town.  Since her husband worked in the mine, he was often gone for days and days at a time, so it was almost always just her and the baby, just over a year old and starting to walk. Everyday was drudgery and work trying to manage the farm by herself and keep an eye on the baby, a lovely little girl with the world's most darling laugh.  Every other day she would milk their two thin and raggedy cows into a big bucket and walk to town to sell it and get supplies.

It was that kind of day so she rushed through her chores and milked the cows into the bucket.  Balancing the bucket on her head as she always did, and with the baby tottling along the road behind her, the poor woman set for town in the late morning. Because the bucket on her head was so large, the woman could not see another shadow join her's and the baby's on the road.  This shadow was the one of a big old bald eagle.  Before the woman even knew what was happening that mean old eagle swooped down and snatched up that cute little baby in it's claws.  The woman screamed and the bucket of milk tumbled from her head, splashing across the dirt of the road.

What ought the poor woman do?