Through the Black Door

(Note: This chapter was written by my co-author, Novus Grey.)

You’re a 24-year-old woman awaking on the night of September 21st. You’re lying in a pool of drool next to your father’s encased tomb in a dedicated mausoleum. Outside, you find a raging storm while the sound of a horse draws near. Through a crack in the door, the horse’s shadow invades the space, which hastens you to hide in the nearest corner. This same shape transforms into a human being before knocking the doors open completely. The mausoleum once illuminated by torchlight is snuffed out by the wind, leaving you cold and alarmed in the corner.

But soon you witness a tall cloaked figure walk in, reigniting the torches with one hand motion, leaving behind violet flames. They arrive at your father’s tomb and whisper something to him while dropping a bouquet in remembrance. As they turn for the door they detect you hiding in the corner, and stare directly at you with green eyes. The figure turns into a black mist and re-assembles the form of a horse, then it vanishes into the night.

It seems that you and the visitor may possess a connection that begins with your father. But what may that be? On this terrible night, you possess two options: