The First Battle

1415 Anno Domini - August - Alençon Castle

You face down the horrible, abominable Giant Knight of England. His frame towers high in the sky, casting a long shadow completely covering your own. Common men would be afraid, but you are not a common man. You are Jean the Brave, noble son of House Valois-Alençon! No enemy, common or giant, English or Burgundian can best you!

"Surrender!" You shout at the fiend.

"Ha!" The fiend scoffs. "I'm not scared of a French weakling. France will fall! What can you, a little boy, do to stop me?"

"Don't judge me by my size!" Grown-ups always underestimate "little boys." "The Book of Saint John, chapter seven verse twenty-four: 'Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment!"

"Ptew! I spit on the Bible! Ptew Ptew!"

"You'll regret those words, you godless English!"