Welcome Home!

You've heard stories on the road. Stories about a magical farm where everyone is welcome and everyone is equal. A place where people come together to share their knowledge openly and work together to build a community that feeds the world.

You're still relatively young and idealistic, so why not believe in something bigger than yourself? You stretch out your thumbs to sail on borrowed rides down the freeway and into the heart of the middle of nowhere. It isn't long before you find yourself at the doors to Shangri-La.

As soon as you arrive you are greeted by a group of friendly hippies. Dirty hair, bare feet, and missing teeth. Common attributes among the types you congregate with. You catch a few names like Mouse, Change, Rex, Squid, and Magoo. None of them go by the names on their birth certificates or IDs. They are sitting around a small bonfire. It is already late when you arrive.

Since there is no electricity on the farm, it is dark across the land save for a handful of flashlights like giant lightning bugs dotting the Earth. You're having a hard time surveying the area for a suitable spot to pitch your tent. You decide to wait until tomorrow to look for a spot. You can roll out your sleeping bag next to the fire and stay warm for tonight. Squid says there's a dorm house built a couple years ago for anyone without other suitable lodgings. It's currently unoccupied. Rex mentions they are staying in a cabin, across the creek and past the meadow, and you're welcome to sleep on their floor. "You may have to share it with the bugs," they add.

Where do you want to sleep tonight?