Hello, and welcome to Clover Seven: Ace Attorney! Before you begin playing, you must know the basic procedure of court in the Ace Attorney series. Basically, the Prosecution will call a witness. It is the defense attorney's job to cross-examine the witness, (More on that below.) to see if his testimony holds any contradictions. A contradiction is basically a statement that does not add up with the facts.
    When the prosecution calls a witness, he will testify, and you must cross-examine that testimony. While you cross examine him, you have basically two options for each section of it. You can either press the statement, or Object to it. When you press a statement, Clover will ask a question for further information. Be careful though, sometimes if you press on a wrong statement, you will lose a portion of your health. (More information below.) When you Object to a statement, you are saying that something in that statement goes against what is stated in the Court Record. When you Object, you must present the evidence you think goes against that statement. (To present evidence, simply use the item you wish to present.)
    There are basically two types of evidence you can present. There is Evidence (Actual, physical items.) and Profiles. (A brief overview of each person.) You can present either of which as Evidence against a statement.
    When you Object to the wrong statement, present the wrong evidence, make the wrong choice, or press a statement that should not be pressed, you will lose a certain percentage of your health. If your health hits 0, your client will be found guilty and you will lose your case! (Also, you will not be able to rate or leave a comment.)
    That's all there is too it! Good luck!

HEALTH is 100.