Before we Begin

To all those who already have a character, you can use it here instead of generating a new one. Restore all health to maximum. Also, due to your experience you may raise markmanship by one or Health by 4. Some changes have been made to the Chart, so please read the section below.

This storygame uses items, two values (Health, Marksmanship) and Random Numbers. Health is your life force. If it hits 0 at any time your story is over. Health can never go over your maximum amount, but can be replenished up to that amount. It is always written as a fraction of your maximum health, eg: 15/17. Marksmanship is your skill with a gun, this will be important in combat.

Copy the chart below onto a piece of scrap paper or a text file on your computer. You are limited to 8 items.

Pick a number from the random number table below and multiply it by 10. Record that number of credits as a single item on your chart, regardless of whether this is a new character or an old one.

To find out how much health and maximum health you start out with, pick a Random Number from the Random Number Table below and add 11 to it. To find out your marksmanship to start with, pick a Random Number from the Table and add 5 to it.

If you find an item in the story and the text gives you the option of picking it up, you can record it here. You can carry 3 weapons and 5 non-weapon items. Choose what you keep carefully. Also, many pages in this story assume you have a weapon, so keep at least one (If you have more than 3 weapons from First Strike, you must decide what to keep).

New characters recieve a Plasma Pistol.


You must also pick a specialisation. Add the items of your chosen path to your inventory.

Medic: Defibrilliator, medical equipment chest.

Special Forces: Camoflage, 2 Smoke Grenades

Engineer: Workshop chest, Explosives

Sharpshooter: +1 marksmanship


In this story, I have added a checklist of all your squadmates, because I can no longer record success or failure as health alone. When a squadmate is incapacitated, the text will tell you to mark it on the checklist. Due to the brilliant medicine of the future, they won't be out long. Alternatively, you can simply make notes of any changes, and read "Healthy" as an unmodified character.

Weapon: Plasma Pistol









Health:    /



Troop checklist

Nemo (special forces)

Psych (sharpshooter)

Harridan (engineer)

Gearhead (engineer)

Outrider (engineer)

Steelhead (medic)

Gambler-Wounded (special forces)

Acrobat (medic)

Savant (medic)

Dozer (sharpshooter)

Switchblade (special forces)

Cub (sharpshooter)

Hawk-Wounded (sharpshooter)

Guardian (medic)

Nemesis (special forces)

Melodrama (engineer)

Radio (engineer)

Red (medic)

Blue-Wounded (sharpshooter)


This is the Random Number Table.


Close your eyes and poke the table with a pencil, then look at the number you have picked. The number table will be linked to where relevant.


Now that we have that sorted out, we can begin... Or you can check out the new background info (basically just my world-building) or Sentinel's Journal/Synopsis.