The First Page

"FUCK" Exclaims a man, he comes running out from behind a lectern, dragging his vestiegial robes out behind him. From his garb it is easy to tell this man is a priest, He has the basic priestly outfit, a long black robe, there is a cross embroidered across the robe, and he has the white neck collar of a man of the cloth. "Father, Watch your Language! You are in a house of god!" You exclaim loudly, You are wearing a a brown robe, and a long golden chain with a cross on the end, You are a monk of the holy order of the serpent tailed god. This may sound like a strange religious group, almost satanic, but you are a part of the most secretive christian brothers. Warriors trained from there birth to defend your beliefs against the heretics of the northern lands, Those as the father puts it, Slack jawed Gaping Savages Who would rather kill a man than see god himself. It's been sometime since you heard the father curse like this, but in this case you might not make such a big deal out of it. A local Village women is accusing him of being the father of her baby, something like this coming out publicly could either ruin him as a man of the cloth, Or ruin the Sanctity of the brotherhood.

     The father turns towards you," THERES ONLY ONE THING THAT CAN BE DONE!" He exclaims loudly knocking the lectern and the bible atop it to the floor, The ceremonial wine begins to pour onto the bible staining it's leather cover. He runs forward and hurriedly begins to dab at the wine with his robe. " Don't sit there like an idiot gaping at me! Go run and grab something to get this up with!" He barks at you vehemously.