The First Page

WARNING! (The fake one)

This story contains mature subject matter concerning teens and is meant to help said age group “experience” a problem they may encounter in their life and show the consequences of their actions if they handle it in the wrong way. There will be separate sections for boys and girls for as we all know, both genders experience different struggles during their precious formative years.

If you are a pre-pubescent, you should NOT be reading this story, you should be in bed. Such mature subject matter is not for your tender young eyes.

If you are an adult and you are a parent, perhaps you should “experience” this story with your teen, for they may still have further questions about the subject matter. Questions that you should provide answer for, because if you do not they may learn the wrong answers from their peers, the streets, minorities or even (gasp) the evil dirty internet!

If you are an adult and NOT a parent, get the fuck out of here. You probably just want to “play” the girl path and choose all the slutty choices, you fucking pervert.

It is the hope that this story may somehow help teens better deal with the problems found in this story in real life. And remember if you do turn out to be gay (boys) or sexually loose (girls) it doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means you’re going to die of AIDS and burn in hell.

Now what gender are you?