Your name is Miyuki Takeda.  Otherwise known as "Mayumi's sister."

Since the day you were born, it seems you have been in her shadow.  Twins, but not equal.  Never equal.

Mayumi has always been the pretty one, the clever one.  Everybody's favorite. 

I know what you're thinking.  This is one of those petty revenge dramas.  Neglected Miyuki takes vengeance on her sister for being loved more than she is.  But you're better than that.

You've never been jealous of Mayumi.  Not once.  You love your sister.

But she doesn't love you.  Strangely enough, she's the jealous one.  It's almost as if she fears that someday, everyone will realize that she really isn't smarter or better than you.  And then she won't be the favorite any more.

It started slowly.  Little unkind things she'd say, little acts of cruelty.  You tried to pretend it wasn't happening.  You still do.