The smell of water clouded Gabri's mind.  The vast painting of blue was beautiful.  Forget the immense fog.  Forget the millions of trees closing him in.  All that was there was the pool of water.  He began touching his feet inside.  Its crisp freshness made him shiver with joy.  Soon, he was wading, all of him, in the water.  He swam around rapidly and then just let the water carry him.  It felt good.  Oh, how it felt good.

"Gabri!" shouted a voice from outside his own world.  There, clothed in a brown and apricot robe, stood Ka Kamikaze, Jedi Master.  His black hair, silver at the sides, clung to his scalp, refusing to let any wind pass through.  His ashy black beard did the same.  Ka was stocky, broad-shouldered.  His blue lightsaber stayed tucked away deep in his robe.  Gabri had never seen him withdraw it, but he had heard great tales in which he fought with it.  Oh, if he could see him wield it, see all those tales come true, he would love it.

"No more tomfoolery!" Ka ordered in his bold voice, "Do you come or do you stay?  I must search this area."