Surprize Chemistry Test!


You play as Ron H, 12.5th grade student.


You attend a large high school/college SeasonField High/University von Oregoniania.

After a month of classes, you realize that chemistry is your hardest subject. You study a lot to ensure a passing grade in the class. It is difficult to talk with the teacher because you sit in the middle of the room and there are 100 students in the class.

One morning, you wake up and you're not in your bedroom! You are in your chemistry room with a cold metal collar on your neck. You begin to pull on it to take it off, but it is no use.

You're confused on how you got here. The last thing you remember is yourself sleeping in your bedroom. Before that, you were calling a classmate, J Alice, and asking him help on the math homework.

You look around the class room and see that every single one of your chemistry classmates is here with you. Most of them are sleeping on their desk (maybe passed out?). The other students are tryingcollege-classroom-laptops.jpg to take off the metal collar and/or remove a chain on their leg. A few of them are also screaming and crying.

That's when you realize that you also have a chain around your leg! You find that the chain is connected to your desk and that you're unable to set yourself free.

You are able to spot your friend, Brad P, on the other side of the room. You wave to him and try to communicate with him. The effort was no good due to the distance. You then see your friends Mat and JB several rows ahead of you. You decide to not try to talk to them because they would not hear you either. They are both sitting next to each other talking. Maybe they have a plan?


A loud booming noise rings as your chemistry teacher, Mr Teacher (whose real name is Jim Tigger), marches through the door of the classroom. Everyone is now awake and are at attention.

It is always easy to spot the teachers in school. They all have large ID cards on they're clothes, making them known as teachers from a mile away. You always thought it was weird that the teachers were forced to wear them.

You teacher, relaxed and confident, states cheerfully, "Good Morning class. Is this not a craptacular day? You must all have questions, so let me begin talking. All of the school's students are in a program now. Many of you are failing classes, so I have no other chose but to initiate this program. This program consist of a small test and..."

In the middle of his conversation, a student in the back of the room interrupts him, "What the f*** is all of this?" Everyone else also starts to asks questions to the teacher and between themselves.

Mr. Teacher raises his hand. The students grow silent.

The teacher looks at everyone and says, "I need each and everyone of you to earn a 100% on this test. Before I forget, if you miss one answer, then your collar will kill you. You will know that your collar is working when you hear the beeping noise, after you answer a question incorrectly. The beeping noise comes right before the shock and/or explosion, sometimes. All of your collars are home-made and I'm not sure if the collars will even give you a warning noise...hmm.... Just remember this, when you answer a question incorrectly, you will die."

Everyone starts crying and screaming, but you continue to be calm in your set of mind, or at least try.

Mr. Teacher takes out an Uzi and fires randomly into the air. (In your mind, you question why a teacher would have an a gun, but then you question why he is crazy enough to make his students domad_scientist.gif this Death Test).

Once things quiet down, the teacher proclaims, "Every student in the school are wearing bomb collars, so don't think you can find help from other class students, if you escape. If you pass the test, your chained leg will automatically will be freed and your collar will automatically shut down. Then, you are cleared to leave my classroom." After a moment of silence, he continues, "If you try to run away, I will find you and then use my activation remote on your collar. You do not want to run away."

Everyone is now quiet. Mr Teacher then hands out a test paper to everyone. As you receive your paper, you find that it is connected to wires and that the wires lead to a box in the corner of the room. You figure that metal box is a machine used to explode the collars.

You are then given a periodic table and a calculator from Mr. Teacher. The teacher says that the periodic table is a tool for this test.

At this point of the test, your nervous. You hope that you studyed enough and that you won't die from a simply chemistry test.

 Teacher: Now, for some more information....