The First Page

This is the connection/battery meter>>> (::::;;;;;;;....,,,,___)       :::::=Great    ;;;;=Good    ....=Medium   ,,,,,=Bad     ____=Dead



(Read Description before starting)


You wake up in you're bunk, the holo-transmitter on the side of your bed turns on and shows the wireless connection. It reads (:::::::;;;;;;...;;;..;;;...,,,,....) the connection appears to be unstable. You start to get a message and it projects a holographic figure of the Gamma captain. He says "Go-d mo-ning, your -irst    as--gnment is t---"

(,,,,,______) A message says "Bring the holo device to the repair ward, Error=Connection Failure"

 You are John Pola, of Gamma space defender station. You are a brave person who isent scared to be out powered, but still sensable enough to know whats to much. your job is to keep the gamma sector of your solar system safe from criminals. You joined mainly because of losing your possesions and money because of major tax increases.

HEALTH is 100.
RANK is 1.
SCORE is 0.
<p>The connection reads (___)</p> Holo-Transmitter Divice