"Whew..." you sigh heavily as you walk through the door, undoing your tie as you walk in. You have just came to your suburban home from an especially exhausting day at work, and instead of retiring to bed immediately, you decide to sit on the couch and watch some TV. Your house is a 2 story house in a very populated development.

"Hopefully a new episode of House is on, I want some entertainment!" you mumble under your breath.

You turn on the TV and the news is on. "Typical of my wife to leave the news on.." The newscaster is reporting on a local case of the rabies, where the ailed person attacked another member of his neighborhood. The neighborhood in mention is the next one over from yours.

"That's strange... I've never heard of a case of the rabies being televised before.." you state. The newscaster goes on to explain that there was also another case of the rabies in another neighboring town.

"This is so strange" you think to yourself. You shake it off, change into your pajamas and go to bed. It's just rabies. Maybe a rabid dog got loose somewhere? Maybe it's just a coincidence? Oh well, you block it out of your mind as just a way for the news to attract some attention to itself, and go to bed.