I wake up, early as usual. I have always liked the mornings, the minutes before Teacher takes me to father and I have time to think for myself. Father often keeps a tight schedule so there usually isn't much time for me to let my mind ponder. There are so many things to think about, what is behind the door? What do Homo Sapiens look like? Why does Teacher have to connect himself to a power source every now and then? As curious I am about the outside world, father has explained how dangerous the Homo Sapiens can be, so I am glad the door keeps them away. Father says me and Eve are special, I wonder what he means by that. He said he'd explain more today, I hope he does.

Teacher enters the room and says "Adam, Professor Meckard would like to see you."

"Wonderful. Father will hopefully answer some of our questions." I say and leave with Teacher.

Teacher is made of metal, just like the walls. I think father made Teacher, just like he made our home, along with me and Eve. Teacher signals me to wait as he goes into Eve's room to wake her up. Father often calls me and Eve the last hope for a good future, but I really don't see anything bad with the present. He has talked about something he calls Project Eden, but again, just another unanswered question
HEALTH is 100.