Mr. and mrs. Cordan are sitting in front of their parked RV They usually take one trip to lake Kreuze once every summer. It's a lake that the desert river runs to. Such an occurrence is rare, and they are glad so few people know about this lake, for if they did, this place would surely be overcrowded.

Mrs. Cordan sees something plummet into the lake. It fell down the small waterfall that connects the river to the lake. She tells her husband about it but he says it's probably just a rock. She claims it's too big to be a rock and eventually, he agrees to check it out. They approach the lake and mr. Cordan grabs something from the lake. It is a large rock. He tells mrs. Cordan than she's being too paranoid, but this thing he has in his hands starts to change. The shell giving the illusion that it is a rock starts to de-grow and it reveals an infant child.Lake Kreuze

HEALTH is 100.
MONEY is 57.