I've been acting as Shade for three years now, ever since I defeated Damage at the Kraftwerk power plant. The citizens view me as a some kind of superhero, and I've been doing the best I can to keep the streets as safe as I possibly can ever since.

HEALTH is 100.
<p>A Homo Perfectus is capable of  increasing his body temperature, making him more resistant to heat and more vulnerable to cold.</p> Increase body temperature <p>A Homo Perfectus is capable of decreasing his body temperature, making him more resistant to cold and more vulnerable to heat.</p> Decrease body temperature. <p>A Homo Perfectus's strength can be vastly augmented to the point he is capable of lifting nearly a ton over his head.</p> Increase strength. <p>A Homo Perfectus can increase his speed to the point where he can outrun cars.</p> Increase speed. <p>A Homo Perfectus with increased reflexes will become capable of evading almost any attack, providing he can move of course.</p> Increase reflexes. <p>A Homo Perfectus can increase the power of his vocals to turn a shout into a full fledged ranged attack that can shatter an opponent's eardrums.</p> Increase volume. <p>A Homo Perfectus can increase his vision in order to notice everything that he looks at. Quite good when looking for a needle in a haystack.</p> Increase vision. <p>A Homo Perfectus's hearing can be increased to the point where he can hear everything that is going on around him.</p> Increase hearing. <p>A Homo Perfectus with increases smelling systems has nostrils of more use than a dog's.</p> Increase smelling systems. <p>A Homo Perfectus can use more of his brain than normal humans, making him think faster and better than they do.</p> Increase brain capacity.