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I mean, it's not terrible. Had a decent length to it.
Unfortunately for the author I just couldn't take the story seriously. Apparently, Julia gets raped by Brian Cranston and potentially turns into Alan from Two And A Half Men XD)
-- Wig-Wam on 4/9/2019 11:46:32 AM with a score of 0
"10 years later, Julia, now a famous chiropractor, meets Emile at a grocery store. It turns out that Emile, who couldn't find a girl, decided to turn gay. He was with his "life partner", Jon, his best friend in high school. They were both famous Youtube gamers after learning video editing in college. Julia, who was still single, bumped into a girl named Anna after meeting Emile and Jon, and she was a stone cold fox. Everything about her screamed "Red Hot!" and after seeing how well Emile was doing being gay, she contemplated going down the same path... Sorry! The rest of this I'm not going over, it's too weird! You can imagine it yourself, or write what Julia does next, it's create your own ending!. Nevertheless, congratulations! You found the weird ending! Try to find the others!"

Hee hee... the weird is the BESST ending! ;D
-- TestingJest on 12/11/2017 10:28:53 PM with a score of 0
Ehh more or less ok
-- ZombieGamer9188 on 5/28/2017 3:37:14 PM with a score of 0
It was ok.....
-- CeruleanFlare on 12/21/2016 2:07:23 PM with a score of 0
i got the best ending1 woot woot! (the story said it was the best ending)
-- thebigE on 7/7/2016 5:25:00 PM with a score of 0
Lol, I had them argue every chance I could. Somehow won.
-- mattstat716 on 5/18/2016 11:33:42 AM with a score of 0
That's a messed up story.
-- Bigred91 on 4/19/2016 8:28:57 AM with a score of 0
Well, I became fully NAKED hanging from a fan, with no apparent item to stand on and tip over to hang myself, and the cops think that a naked girl hanging from a fan is a suicide. Such dumbass cops.
-- CurseOfTime on 3/24/2016 12:02:06 PM with a score of 0
Grammar errors were annoying, but at least you're getting out there and giving it a go
-- HJPike on 11/5/2015 3:56:53 AM with a score of 0
Short, but what was with the pen?
-- Penworth on 6/23/2015 10:41:30 AM with a score of 0
:O... So, I thought if in the beginning I used the pen, I would be able to stab him... Looks like I was wrong because it only got me hanged...
-- BattyMan4 on 2/27/2015 4:18:07 PM with a score of 0
-- XSSwriter on 2/12/2015 3:50:50 PM with a score of 0
I found 'em all.
-- Wolfmist on 1/19/2015 5:02:45 PM with a score of 0
BDP, I'd unpublish it to fix the grammar errors.
-- Tanstaafl on 11/7/2014 10:14:56 AM with a score of 0
Correcting some grammatical errors in the story: WARNING! Potential spoiler alerts (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

1. In the second ending, "ove" should be "over"
2. When John brings home groceries "you savior" should be "your savior"
3. During Dinner "less than accurate" should be "less than adequate"
4. On the page "Tension", "visible" should be "visibly".

These are the errors I found, there might be more, but hopefully this will clear up a little confusion. Sorry!
-- BDPPWNAGE on 11/6/2014 2:31:06 AM with a score of 0
Thanks mscrl180, appreciate the support!
-- BDPPWNAGE on 11/5/2014 6:03:19 PM with a score of 0
This was a pretty fun Game. There were some typos but nothing I couldn't work through. All and All a good effort.
-- msrcl180 on 11/5/2014 5:25:53 PM with a score of 0
And thank you Malkalack for commenting and supporting my story!
-- BDPPWNAGE on 10/31/2014 12:01:49 AM with a score of 0
A couple of things, the pen is used early on, and one of the endings is a little incomplete, because it is pretty weird. You can complete it using the comment section if you please!
-- BDPPWNAGE on 10/31/2014 12:00:22 AM with a score of 0
I just got sexually abused by Walter White..
-- Malkalack on 10/30/2014 9:43:58 PM with a score of 0
This is actually pretty good. Good job, mate!
-- Malkalack on 10/30/2014 4:19:20 PM with a score of 0
There are multiple endings of both good and bad! Try to find them all!
-- BDPPWNAGE on 10/29/2014 12:36:57 PM with a score of 0
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