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NFL History Quiz
There doesn't seem to be an NFL history quiz here, and the Super Bowl is in a couple weeks, so here is the NFL quiz you've been waiting for. Let's see what you know about the highest level of professional American Football. There are 39 questions, but you can get a five point bonus on the last question.

The Cottage


Left to fend for themselves, two children brave a dark forest, and the evil it hides.


Quick Notes:

This storygame is short, and it's kind of a kid's story. It's actually part of an idea I've been rolling around about a collection of fairy tales/spooky tales, a sort of anthology. It's my take on the classic Brother's Grimm tale, and it's not complicated, nor is it replete with a myriad of parallel plot lines. There are three endings (four if you count dying), but do not expect vastly different outcomes: it basically comes down to who ends up dying by the end.

It's also possible to completely avoid the main plot section (The Cottage), although I wouldn't recommend that path, as the story is short enough as it is. I'm not sure if this falls under fantasy or horror, but I think I'll go with horror, even if it isn't particularly scary. It's a bit macabre in places, but ultimately it is a children's story.

Visually speaking, I'd advise playing with images on, otherwise you might have to highlight text in order to read it in some cases. Also, you might want to scroll the text so it isn't directly on top of the moon on a few pages. A mild annoyance, I'm sorry, but I couldn't implement the full scripting I wanted to in order to handle that problem.

Lastly, admittedly this was put together quickly from a base idea jotted down earlier, due to the nuclear attack on the website over the past month, which put me too far behind to finish the entry I wanted to for Killa Robot's "Feels" competition. It is what it is: just a short take on a classic tale. Not a lot of feels, but a little bit of pseudo-early modern English ;).

Republishing (again) due to image hosting issues. 1/8/2018

The Ghost People
This is an entry in the December contest

Writing Prompt: "In 100,000 B.C.E., a boy from a Neanderthal tribe meets a homo sapien girl for the first time, changing the fate of their tribes for all time . . . for better or worse."

A Neanderthal boy is sent on a perilous mission to rescue kidnapped members of his tribe from the clutches of the evil Ghost People, whose magic far surpasses that of his own people.

Some quick info on the setting: It is generally believed that hominids lost their thick fur around 1.2 million years ago or so, give or take. However, for the sake of this story, Homo neanderthalensis will have thicker body hair than Homo sapiens (not bear-thick, but still thicker). There are two reasons I have chosen to do this: (1) They lived in the colder regions. (2) Homo neanderthalensis appears to have had primitive clothing compared to Homo sapiens; basically just fur capes, while Homo sapiens had more advanced stitching and more tightly tailored clothing (which kept them more warm). So I feel having neanderthals a little more hairy than Homo sapiens is a reasonable liberty for me to take in this story.

As for language and technology, both Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis shared almost identical vocal anatomy where it matters. Despite neanderthals not having left behind nearly as much advanced artwork, they very likely had complex language just like Homo sapiens. As for fire technology, for the purpose of this story I am assuming that different hominid tribes were further advanced than others, irrespective of species. The neanderthal tribe the protagonist comes from has yet to master creation of fire.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Update: Put an End Game link on the same page the Epilogue link is, so you can skip it if you want, since it is so unpopular ;) .

The Story of Count Osmond Jorgensen

The Story of Count Osmond Jorgensen

There's no price a good man won't pay to save the woman he loves...

It was an unlikely marriage, but still somehow a happy one. Though he barely knew her, Count Osmond Jorgensen counted himself fortunate on the day of his wedding. Talia was more than he could have ever hoped for: beautiful, temperate, and always smiling. Osmond was fully taken, and believed that he would do anything for her. Over the years, he discovered just how far he'd go for the woman he loved.

Additional notes: This short story is tangentially part of the Witch Hunter series. It is a more fleshed out historical account of Count Osmond Jorgensen, which is briefly mentioned in the inventory book "On Witches, Werewolves and Wyverns."

Wheeler & Brandt LLP

WARNING: There isn't much by way of blatantly graphic sex in this storygame, but there are plenty of deviant erotic situations, including some pretty rapey ones. If such scenarios disturb you, this storygame probably isn't for you.

At its core, this storygame is a tale of a screwed up BDSM relationship, which you cultivate as the ultimate "sub." The goal of this storygame is to get your boss to engage in as many "unprofessional" acts as possible, and to eventually sway him into falling for you, all without getting fired along the way. If you make the right decisions, the game escalates from event to event, bringing you closer and closer to a relationship with your boss. It's pretty linear, and you'll know for certain if you get the "winning" ending. Let's just say it will involve a leash and some public humiliation. *1/8/2019 Republishing to re-upload background images.

You work in a small law firm, performing both receptionist and data entry roles. Your job is thankless and tedious, but one thing keeps you coming back: your boss, Brandon Wheeler. Aloof and dispassionate, Wheeler exudes a muted but overwhelming power you find irresistible, and you are determined to tame that power, even if it costs you your career.

Dead Kingdom
Title hoarding for a story about being the king of the dead or something like that.

Recent Posts

Year's End Contest - Choose Your Own Prompt II on 1/4/2020 3:13:05 AM
Jesus I read the deadline as the sixth for some reason. I’ll finish my story anyway, but I suppose I’ll get comfortable in the Pit of Double Shame.

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 1/1/2020 7:48:01 AM
Update 7: I had a portion of the dialogue where someone says, "This is madness." It was so hard not to respond with "Madness? This is SPARTA!" I almost did it.

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 12/26/2019 9:47:29 PM
Update 6: Not sure how many of these I have to do. I started about a week in, so it shouldn't be many more. But in any event, I have now finished a basic plot map from start to finish, divided into about five chunks of story. I've only got the first part done, but with a decent map to follow I should be good on finishing the story on time.

Mizal's Year's End contest thread on 12/17/2019 9:03:59 PM
Is that goat trying to teabag her?

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 12/16/2019 10:00:49 PM
Update 5: Finished the first action sequence, which has four different ways to approach it. I've also decided on a maximum of five action sequences (the number depending upon the choices you make). The way I'll approach these parts in the story is, I'll offer a choice or two via links, and then allow the player to use items as well (which generally will include a hidden dice roll).

As far as story, I've more or less completed the prologue and am about to start on the main quest, which should consist of a journey and then solving a mystery. The last part of the story will be whatever final battles I decide on, and maybe a critical plot choice for Red Riding Hood to make.

I have the general story mapped out, with one optional quest angle at the end. Regarding story branching, there won't be massive divergence in overall plot based on your choices (Got to stick to the Little Red Riding Hood theme, which inevitably ends with a conflict between the girl and the Big Bad Wolf), but the way in which the wolf problem is solved will be up to the player, and whether or not the deeper issue behind it is resolved will be as well. Also, the fate of the companion character will be determined by the player.

So, as of right now I have a loosely mapped out direction for the story and I've completed the general mechanics of my dice rolls for item use.

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 12/12/2019 11:49:36 PM
One must find a way to catch the big bad wolf.

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 12/10/2019 8:55:44 AM
Just for shits and giggles:

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 12/10/2019 8:40:08 AM
It certainly looks like it (I'm seriously crying at your observation XD), especially the way she's holding it. But there weren't many options for pictures of that particular model for me to appropriate for the image, so I had to make do. Doing things like moving arms around is so much work.

Anyway, I think I'm probably in the minority here, but I make these stupid pictures because they help me get into the right mood to write. I guess I lack imagination, but they also help me see what I need to describe. I do, however, have a script that will allow images to be optional, thanks to Mizal, Ogre and a few others. If I have time I'll put that in so no one has to deal with my pixlr editor nonsense if they'd rather just look at text.

Won't be removing the inventory though.

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 12/10/2019 8:25:03 AM
Buahahahah! It's a rapier. I suppose I could edit it to show the blade more clearly, but I'm not that concerned about anything other than an impression. Also need to fix her hands. Will probably just put some snow on it. But I'm not going to spend more than a few hours on pictures for this one. That took me like 45 minutes, so I think that's reasonable for having just a few. But I can't help it. Got to have images in my stuff. (>-_-)>

Maybe I should make it clearly a fishing pole though. I'm choking up at that. So absurd!

Year's End Contest - Fluxion (Red Riding Hood) on 12/10/2019 2:47:43 AM
Update four: In the interest of meeting the quota, I'll post one of the pictures I made which sets the scene for the story's opening (things are subject to change, of course).

As of right now, the story starts on a snowy road with you hauling around the unconscious body of your mentor and guardian, when you are beset by a pack of wolves, much like in the picture. After you escape this initial predicament, the main plot will move forward. It will center on your attempt to gain the coin needed to buy a magical cure for the wounded man.

I'll try not to make it possible to die in this first encounter, but hopefully I'll be able to punish the reader for making stupid decisions. The plan for punishing such a choice, if I have time, is to cause your character to be injured in a way that makes certain attacks she will use later on less effective.

And just to head off the people who despise images, I'm not going to try to make this storygame an art show. I'll only have a few images. And yeah, I'll have items, but at this point, other than the bestiary, they are more for keeping a visual record of your inventory. If I finish the story early I'll make a more elaborate item system.

Also, I'm now tempted to make this my title page image. It's a lot cooler than my first picture of Little Red Riding Hood sitting on a horse looking bored.