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News and Updates

v20190007 Update

Posted 9/19/2019 by JJJ-thebanisher

Hi all,

Small update here:

  1. All published stories will have a more accurate word count because the way that the word count is calculated has been updated to better handle line and paragraph breaks.
  2. Storygame length (/8) is calculated by a different formula.
  3. Made high-length storygames (6/7/8) much, much more rare. Note: this didn't properly go through and some published stories didn't have their lengths recalculated. This will be fixed for published games at some point (probably early next week) and all newly published stories will already be correct.
  4. The advanced editor storygame page will now open in a new tab instead of a new window (though this might be browser dependent). It has also been completely re-written so it no longer consists of legacy code. This should hopefully fix the timeout bug.
  5. Loading the game properties page of games with lots of words should now be much faster.
  6. Featured comments are now only worth 2 commendations (effective retroactively).
  7. The classic editor has been removed and all games have been migrated to the advanced editor. It's become too technically challenging to maintain two editors with a small dev team.
  8. Storygames are worth a LOT more commendations (effective retroactively).
  9. The formula for calculating the commendation worth of a storygame has been updated so in addition to the value being scaled up, the relative values also will change.

While the actual tangible output of this update is rather small, this was a slow one because a great deal was accomplished behind the scenes. A lot of code was deleted and a lot of code was refactored and rewritten in order to facilitate the above. In particular, porting the advanced editor storygame page out of asp hell was a challenge.

Because it involved a complete re-write of the advanced editor storypage page, this is update is inherently risky. While I tried to test thoroughly on my own, how these changes will run on prod is always a mystery. I'm almost positive that some edge case will stop functioning or some non-core functionality will be broken. Please diligently file B&P posts for anything you see. If anything in the core path is broken, we will rollback. We obviously don't want our core editor to be out of commission. My fingers are crossed! There are talks about eventually spinning up a test site that can be used to canary some of these features and that would be great.


v20190006 Update

Posted 9/5/2019 by JJJ-thebanisher

Hi all,

Very small update here. I saw @Bill_Ingersoll 's post in the B&P forum and decided to rush out an hour of coding and here we are:

  1. The RTE plugins (fonts, word count, colors, etc.) should now work everywhere. You may need a hard refresh/cache clear to see this.
  2. The home page categories are now centered and have better background colors.
  3. The publish storygame screen warns explicitly that demos are not allowed.
  4. The storygame creation article link (in the creation flow) points to an actual published article.
  5. The storygame-in-need category ranks stories with a rating >=5 above stories with worse ratings.
  6. It now takes only 50 ratings to get a storygame ranked.
  7. @AzBaz gets his well-deserved and long-awaited contest trophy.
  8. Articles are now worth 50 points (and this is applied retroactively).
  9. Articles are now actually worth 10 commendations (and this is applied retroactively).