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Break! (The Contest)

Posted 6/15/2020 by Camelon

I'd like to run a contest starting now through August 16th. The general theme is “Break!”

Using one of the provided prompts is not required, but if you wish to claim one reply with the number you wish to select, the prompt, and edit lock your post. Please double check that no one else has taken the prompt you want.

If you choose to make your own premise, it should revolve around a “break” of some sort, literal or figurative, as a key element of plot or setting. Something, someone, somewhen, or somewhere should be broken or breaking. Reply, “freeform” and edit lock your post.

As far as I know, there's no penalty for entering and then failing to produce a valid storygame. No pressure! But please don’t take a prompt from the list with no intention of making a storygame with it, as others might have wanted it.

Deadline: August 16th, 2020 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern
Entry Fee: None!
Rewards: It’s a mystery! Mizal will dole out rewards as she sees fit.
Minimum entries required: Five valid entries that meet site standards.

Prompt List:

1.  A woman goes on a journey to seek healing for a broken heart, and meets several eccentric characters along the way.

2. A sealed, domed city traps select citizens inside while keeping the rest out, but no one knows why. When someone close is taken into the dome, a reporter vows to break in and discover the truth.  

3. Two lovers are separated by a rift, able to send messages to each other but unable to cross over themselves.

4. A chronic rule-breaker seeks to change high-school for the better.

5. A vassal kingdom has just broken the treaty keeping the peace, and all ambassadors sent to the traitorous kingdom have not returned.

6. Aliens of diverse backgrounds come together to challenge the most secure financial facility in the galaxy.

7. A busy single with little time for love finds hope for romance on her daily coffee break at a local shop.
8. For years, Jewish revolts have been returned with severe and brutal countermeasures by Roman forces, blood running in the streets. But for now, the fighting has ended. Will you work with your Roman oppressors and negotiate for peace, join the Jewish zealots in a battle for freedom, or flee with the Christian sect through the mountains? (Historical, ~66-70 AD)

9. A rookie trains and competes to break a world record while dodging assassination attempts.

10.  Strange things are happening all over the universe, as if dreams and imaginings are manifesting. It seems the higher-ups don’t want anyone investigating these breaks in reality…

11.  A person wakes up in a deadly, maze-like building and is given 24 hours to break out.

12. Shards of the broken planet are held together by the mages, while the elite live in floating cities. But someone is assassinating the mages, one by one…

13. A normally by-the-book officer receives a strange object that allows him/her to break the mind-barrier and enter people’s memories and dreams in order to track down a serial killer.

14. An explorer finds the entrance to an ancient temple, but breaking in will not be simple.

15. A prisoner of war resists attempts to break his mind, body, and spirit while plotting escape.

16. Merlin breaks the rules of time by living life backwards. The first page is the ending of the tale, and choices trace back to the start.

17. A codebreaker works to intercept and decipher enemy messages in time to stop horrific events, but must be careful not to arouse suspicious.

18. A woman in rehab for a broken leg is recruited to be a spy – but she’ll have to use someone else’s body.

19. A person seeks to break the caste system and rise through the ranks by killing others and taking over their identities.

20. For millennia, Extra-Dimensional Authority officials have worked to change the multiverse by entering different worlds through “The Mesh” to alter them from the inside. But after one job leads to horrific consequences, an EDA officer is approached by rebels wanting to destroy The Mesh.

21. A car breakdown on an isolated road leads to a night in a mysterious cabin.

22. A starving, shambling zombie seeks brains to dissect – not just to eat, but in hopes of finding a cure.

23. A storygame that frequently breaks the fourth wall

June is Noob Threshing Month!

Posted 6/1/2020 by mizal
Now this is the Law of CYStia -- as long as literacy stands; And the Noob that types well may prosper, but the Noob that shitposts be banned. As the comments that girdle the branches, the Law judgeth day and night -- For the strength of the Site is the Writing, and the strength of Writing the Site. Well we've had a lot of newbies pop up here in the last few months as well as returning olbies. Things have been pretty weird out there and so in recognition of that we have welcomed and coddled these refugees from reality. But CYS has never been a soft cuddly place full of hugs and puppies. It's a harsh unforgiving wilderness where the only ways to gain merit and recognition are by clawing your way to the top, ripping out the jugular of anything that stands in your way-- --yeah usually it's just an ordinary sloth, but picture something more intimidating I suppose if that helps. Uhh, sure. And occasionally you must even do battle against your fellow CYStians, drag them to the top of the ziggurat and carve out their still beating hearts to please your gods. This is one of those times. Unlike normal contests, this one will just be for new writers on the site. That is, for anyone who's joined in 2020, but also for anyone who's been here however many freakin years but doesn't have a published storygame yet because...well you know. That darn SLOTH, it's a menace! So any entrants don't need to feel intimidated; except for those brief moments you manage to be entertaining, you're all at around the same level, in the same place of being a lesser being. Unknown, unappreciated, and held in vague contempt when your betters even think of you at all. But by simply stepping up (and over the mangled corpses of your fellow noobs) you can change all that. THEME: Welcome to the Jungle (Any genre or setting. You will be judged in part on the theme, but it's a pretty broad one with many ways to interpret it.) DEADLINE: July 5th 11:59PM Central Daylight Time RESTRICTIONS: Storygames should have an overall word count somewhere between 9k and 40k words. (You can view this when you go to read it by hovering over the Play Length number with your mouse.) PRIZE: The usual pointless points and TRIUMPH, GLORY and SMUGNESS. Maybe a few Steam bux depending on how poor I am once July rolls around. Oh and although this is a contest for newbies, we're still playing by big boy rules and it's a good time to introduce you to them: Minimum 25 point entry fee to join. (This will be refunded upon successful completion and publishing of a qualifying game, plus a small bonus depending on the amount bet.) If you're brand new, you can literally just create three blank storygames and then read and rate one other person's game to get there. (If you've dueled your 15 free newbie points away, well now is the time to apply hard work and GUMPTION to get some more. But I'll actaually give anyone who enters 5 points if they can simply read this far and message me the original source of that poem on top of this post.) Once you join, you're locked in. You must produce something capable of passing minimum site standards before the deadline, or else you shall be tossed into the pit of eternal SHAME to be laughed and jeered at by your fellows who actually managed to follow through. So when you do submit an intent to enter, edit lock your post immediately afterwards by posting something in reply to it. If you see someone who has forgotten this all important step, go ahead and help them with it. There will be no take backsies here. Finally, there are a few members who don't technically qualify to enter, but because of their exceeding specialness, I shall make an exception and allow them in. That would be @Chanbot, @SpartacustheGreat, and @Micropen. Well anyway, fight well and have...fun. Update: Discussion of this one got a little scattered. See the Noob Contest Roll Call and Newbie Contest Q&A for more. (Particularly the latter thread as it contains Enterpride's entertaining stalking assessment of contestants and his best guesses at their chances.