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News and Updates

Server Upgrade in October

Posted 8/15/2018 by mizal
I know all of you are probably aware by now of the server hiccups the site's been having, if not actively pulling your hair out over it. Alex looked into it before but couldn't pinpoint the problem, but I've been in contact with him recently and so now I'm just passing the word on that he'll be upgrading all his servers in October. This will hopefully fix the slowdown and other issues, so fingers crossed there and thanks everyone for being so patient. There may also be some other changes coming soon. I don't know anything definite yet but watch this space.

Mizal is now an admin

Posted 7/9/2018 by EndMaster

Congrats to Mizal on her recent ascension.

I'm sure her brand of tough but fair justice will serve CYS well in maintaining order along with cleaning up the articles which seems to be her main project right now.