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Posted 4/28/2015 by Sethaniel

Here you go

An article that spells out things like "all stories based on other stories belong in fanfic" and "games you wrote for a class assignment are edutainment, not school-based."

Also, an explanation of why the games on the home page change order, so you can just link people to the article when they inevitably try to report it as a bug. Again.

Acceptable Forum Behavior

Posted 4/20/2015 by JJJ-thebanisher

Alright, guys. I'm not committing to being able to spend a huge amount of time here right now. I've been trying to stay away from online commitments because my track record of properly keeping my word has been fairly poor. However, since I've been back here, I've seen a great deal of disheartening posts. I am extremely disappointed with a significant portion of the userbase and it really saddens me to see how far the forums have devolved. Honestly, it's sad. This used to be an excellent place to hang out, with excellent people. Now, it's not that way. I've been here for more than ten years now, and it's never been this bad.

I want to say right now, that the failure is mine because of my absence. Sethaniel has stepped up admirably and done an excellent job, for no recognition. Seriously, he gets more heat than you can imagine, and he's been truly excellent. It's hard to understand how much work goes into running a site until you do it. I'm going to consider adding another mod or two, if Sethaniel things that's necessary. Anyway, that's not the point of this post. I'm going to discuss what's acceptable forum behavior, and I'm going to talk about what it's going to take to get banned.

Edit: BerkaZerka has also been amazing, as always.

Examples of Unacceptable Posts [names removed]

"Now the fag/tranny bit is different. Here I can just confess that I find fags hilarious and trannies disgusting."

"Damn, I'm really upset that I missed this shit. Anyway, you are the world's most annoying Feminazi. Congrats, bitch."

"God, I fucking hate that bitch, always starting shit"

"he never said you were trying to start shit you vindictive prick"

"Being tricked into fucking a tranny is worse than eating a sandwich that someone wiped their ass with. I say this because if you eat a sandwich that someone wiped their ass with, it's "put that dude in a hospital" worthy. If you get tricked into fucking a tranny, it's most certainly "Kill that faggot muthafucker" worthy. "

Examples of Acceptable Posts [names removed]

"This is fucking dumb. Words shouldn't be censored just because they might be offensive."

"Those insults aren't that bad. They're are tons of insults we could be using like: Cunt, Bitch, Queer, Mark, Mark ass bitch, bitch ass mark, hoe, slut, homo, drako, twat, wanker, spic, cracker, wetback, ect."

"Really? You can't say tranny? Never thought that was a particularly offensive word, even to transsexuals."

"Not saying I'd fuck a tranny, but if it happened I wouldn't be particularly angry." [this toes the line]

Specific Standards

It's okay to use foul language. It's even okay to use stupid words casually (although I don't particularly like it), but it's not okay to flame other users. Don't call people bitches or cunts, don't call them faggots. Additionally, don't advocate for the murder of minorities (duh). Don't talk about how certain classes of people are worse than others (duh), or how you hate them (duh).

I'm going to adopt a zero policy for this. If I see any of it, I'm banning you. I don't care if you have five years on your account or five days, and I don't care if it's a first offense. For the near future, there's no excuse for the hatred or condemnation of minorities.

This forum isn't a safe haven for extremism. I won't accept outward hatred for minorities (or any group of people) here. Free speech protects you from your government, and you're allowed to speak freely -- just not here. On this website, you can hold whatever opinion you'd like to hold, but you can't reveal that you think black people are subhuman, or trans people are disgusting. I don't want to hear it. If your opinion is vile, then keep it to yourself or puke it on your friends on other websites.

Now, if you want to debate whether gay marriage should be legal, or even if interracial marriage should be legal, then go for it. But if the crux of your argument is that one class of people is disgusting or subhuman, then don't bother with the debate.