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News and Updates

Mizal is now an admin

Posted 7/9/2018 by EndMaster

Congrats to Mizal on her recent ascension.

I'm sure her brand of tough but fair justice will serve CYS well in maintaining order along with cleaning up the articles which seems to be her main project right now.

EPIC Contest - The Contest to Rule Them All

Posted 6/8/2018 by Bucky
So you think you have what it takes to step into the ranks of EndMaster, BerkaZerka, and Sir William Smiley? Well, here's your chance to earn that glory. It's time to step out of the shadows of the gods. Enter the gauntlet, battle the site's rising star writers, and climb to new heights among the pantheon!

Theme: EPIC

Format: CYOA

Deadline: Monday, September 24th at 12:01am EST


This contest has one goal and one goal only: to produce a TOP 10 caliber story for the site. Go big, go hard, or go shrivel in the graveyard at Infinite Story. The genre and guiding theme of the contest is largely open, but the story must be EPIC. Traditional EPIC genres are strongly encouraged. Fan Fiction and Parodies are not eligible for entry. Think grandeur, heroism, and because we are an inclusive people over here at CYS, villainy. Now is the time to bring your long awaited masterpiece to life.

Note, this is not a contest for everyone. There are strict length, quality, and update requirements for this contest. These requirements are in place for two reasons: (1) to keep out the riff-raff, and (2) to help you stay on track with your writing goals. But because of the high stakes and the perfection demanded - this will undoubtedly be the king contest of bragging rights.


- You must have at least one story rated 5.00 or higher on CYS to enter normally

- If you do not have at least one story rated 5.00 or higher on CYS, you may enter by PMing me a detailed plot synopsis and outline to show that you have put due effort and thought into your entry

- Your entry fee will be 300 points regardless of how you enter

- You will have to provide mandatory updates on your progress according to the schedule provided below. You will suffer an additional 50 point penalty for every mandated update you do not report or fail to make good faith progress.

- Your entry must be either 60,000 words or an 8/8 in length (latter can theoretically be achieved in less than 60,000 words in a script heavy story)

Timeline for Mandatory Updates: All dates are the last day possible to get credit for the update.

- Sunday, June 17: Update #1 on plot synopsis, genre, theme, setting, and main characters

- Sunday, July 1: Update #2 on story progress and any issues in the writing process

- Sunday, July 15: Update #3 on story progress and what you like most about your story so far

- Sunday, August 5: Update #4 on story progress and what part of the story has been most difficult to tackle

- Sunday, August 26: Update #5 on story progress and how you've managed to stay motivated

- Sunday, September 9: Update #6 on story progress and editing plans

Rewards and Prizes:

The winner will receive the ultimate bragging rights of CYS contests.

First place 250 points, Second place 150 points, Third place 50 points - For people who like points

Possibility of multiple featured stories, depending on quality and category. Plus the 100 point featured-story bonus, in addition to the placement prize, for people who like points.

For completing all updates, making good faith progress, and submitting a qualifying entry, 50 points.

Additional Notes:

The deadline is the deadline. There will be no extensions. Make your storygame in the editor well in advance, as the site requires the game be made 48 before it can be published. To be a qualifying entry, the story must be PUBLISHED by the deadline. In addition to point rewards, you'll get your entry fee back.

We're looking for strong characterization, solid imagery, well thought out and exciting plots, quality prose, and polished grammar in the final product.

Any stories that fail to meet minimum site guidelines are not deemed qualifying entries and subject to SHAME.

No co-authors, but beta-readers are strongly encouraged. If you would like to volunteer as a beta reader, please feel free to advertise your services here. Anyone who utilizes a beta reader should write a note of thanks in the storygame description. Beta readers may be eligible for bonus points.

We don't necessarily want a high number of entrants in this contest because we only want people who are committed to finishing a high quality product. But we will need 5 entries to give point bonuses for everyone in the top three.

Recruitment & Potential Interested Parties:

@Ogre11 ; @insanebutvain ; @Orange ; @mizal ; @ebonvasilis ; @steve24833 ; @Romulus ; @Azbaz ; @donteatpoop ; @ericyopy ; @ugilick ; @Will11 ; @chris113022