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Hey Bilingual Folks!

Posted 3/21/2021 by mizal
Update: To get special characters (such as when writing in Arabic) to display, you'll need to get the site extension from Brad's profile here. Once it's installed, go to your profile settings and check Normalize HTML: الْأَبْجَدِيَّة الْعَرَبِيَّة Or if you can't use the extension: click here and do this. Spring has just begun, vaccines are making the rounds, so what better time to get out and meet new people, or have a romantic dinner with the one that you love? Or, you know, write a storygame about it. Because that's what we do here. Yep, we're trying for romance again. Some of you may remember how the last one went. Now, I know a lot of us struggle with this topic due to to, well...it's best not to speculate on anyone's personal life. But fortunately, there's a twist! This one is for foreign language games only. That's right, a good number of the regulars can sit this one out. Go on, breeeeaaaathe that sigh of relief. We've got a decent global spread around these parts, so this is meant to give our bilingual members time to shine and maybe even attract some new folks. It'd also be nice to get some actual use out of that Foreign Language tag for once... This is all just for fun, it's a writing jam, not a contest. Sorry for those of you who want a proper battle, but there's just no way to fairly judge a contest when I'll be reading all the entries with the translate button on my phone. It will run for the entirety of the Spring. I hope those of you not participating will still be encouraging to any entrants and willing to step up and offer advice or assistance to new people especially. For themes, we're going with: 1.) Romance and relationships 2.) Food and cooking Ideally you can try to combine the themes, but if you prefer to focus on one or the other then go for it. Any length and any setting or genre is fine, a plot with these things can obviously have a lot more going on as well. The only rules are the usual: the storygame must meet minimum site standards and be complete, and no outright porn. ***** Q: "But Mizal, I want to write about zombie pirates! In English! Can I still be a part of this?" A: Welllll. I mean this is just a writing jam, there's no winning or losing. So I guess if you really really really want to participate with something that stretches, breaks, or outright obliterates the theme, I'm not enforcing anything too strictly or kicking you out of the thread or anything. (Although perhaps other participants might decide to call you unpleasant things in their native tongue...) But even in a contest, we usually just let you do whatever and simply make adherence to theme part of the judging criteria. But it's best to be in the spirit of things, so if you must, please have your zombie pirates kiss each other deeply. (That's some steamy tongue swapping action, all getting bitten off, or rotting and falling out!) And maybe you could consider typing the whole thing in Wingdings. Anyway, you all have at it, and feel free to spread this around to anyone you know who may be ESL and interested.

Mad Hatter's Daughter Appreciation Day!

Posted 3/11/2021 by Avery_Moore

Click for full size.

Today, we honor our resident artist, MadHattersDaughter, for artwork beyond the call of duty. She has made our site all nice and shiny, immortalized our beloved mods, shared the love on Valentine’s Day and given us all a bloody, gory Christmas to remember.

Studies have shown that the happiness of the average user increases by around 30% upon viewing one of MHD’s masterpieces, invoking such responses as, “Lol!”, “It’s beautiful!”, “Love it!”, “Don’t call me out like that!”, “Why aren’t I in the drawing?” and, “I’m not that thicc, am I?”

And so, to show our appreciation, we offer you our tributes of cringey weeaboo chibis, crudely drawn stick figures and pixelated Microsoft Paint squiggles. (Please accept them. We tried our best, we swear.)