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New Site Guidelines

Posted 8/17/2015 by JJJ-thebanisher

Hi guys,

The internet isn't very old. I've been at chooseyourstory.com for more than 10 years now. Actually, I've been at CYS since it was born on the day when we killed myadventuregame.com in lieu of this name. Over time, pretty much our entire user base has turned over. The original crew when I showed up was Fleshy, madglee, Havacoman, Solostrike, Fear, Alexp, March, Choco and I. There were a few other people but those were the accounts that posted frequently. Pretty soon Havacoman was gone and a flurry of other users joined the core. Sethaniel showed up, TSMPaul, Endmaster, and a number of other excellent writers.

In internet terms, ten years encompasses multiple geological eras. I've seen a number of radically different CYS' and I'm not going to sit here and pretend that any of them were perfect. I'm not the guy who lives his life in the "glory days" of the past. All of the different userbase incarnations of CYS had their issues. However, this current incarnation has a more startlingly profound one.

Namely, the maturity level of the site and the general atmosphere has steered way off course. I think we all need to be reminded that this is first and foremost a writing site. Lately it has become more of a social networking forum and the content has dramatically shifted into a more sexual, charged and frankly, immature scene. CYS is the most active and busy it's ever been, but it's really lost a lot of its allure. I really don't like thinking about the number of potentially excellent writers who we may have lost due to the toxic and juvenile forum atmosphere. Seriously, if I stumbled on to this website today, I wouldn't stay. Neither would Sethaniel, neither would BerkaZerka. Endmaster probably would, but...

It's time to make a change. We, the admins, are going to oversee a site culture shift. We're going to start pruning forum threads and storygames in an attempt to re-focus the site towards writing, and also to promote a more mature site atmosphere. We're not attempting to scare you off, but at the same time, if you're not willing to shift your viewpoint to match our vision for the future of the site, then you are no longer welcome here.

In this post, I will outline some general tenets but these tenets will be enforced by the spirit of the law and not the exact wording, because this has led to a lot of rule-skirting and general animosity in the past. We're going to delete immature, unsavory, or unsatisfactory posts and we are going to ban users who continuously post content in that vein. The content that we're looking to promote and allow will soon become apparent to you, and no one will be banned until we feel that the standards are clear.

This culture shift will extend across all facets of the site including forums, storygames and forum games. We're looking to be a place where mature writers can come to write excellent stories, play sophisticated or fascinating forum games, and engage in interesting conversation with likeminded individuals. If this doesn't sound like the kind of place that you would feel at home, then I think it's best that you make your home elsewhere.

At this point, I want to reiterate. If you share our vision and like the sound of the website that we imagine, then you have a place here. We will welcome you and you are exactly what we're looking for.

Here are some of the things that we will be looking to excise from the website:

  • Low quality storygames
  • Low Quality or Freeform forum games (The Tavern can stay on a probationary basis)
  • Warrior Cats and poorly conceived fan fiction in general
  • Sexual roleplaying
  • Mindless bickering
  • Empty forum threads devoid of meaningful content

Here are some of the things that we would like to see:

  • High quality storygames
  • Sophisticated or intellectual debates
  • Sophisticated or exceptional forum games
  • Events (such as the book club)
  • In progress threads for upcoming stories
  • Discussion about the better stories on the site
  • Good conversation between mature people

Questions can be directed to the admins in this thread, but I want to make something clear first. You are guaranteed two rights here in these forums:

  1. The right to your own intellectual property. We will never steal your work or plagiarize it.
  2. The right to leave the website and go elsewhere.

If you are interested in sexual roleplaying, low quality fan fiction, or debates about these rules, then please feel free to go elsewhere. If you have questions about the rules, you can post them here. If you have complaints, you can PM me.

Once more, if you have an issue with these rules, then you can PM me. This is not a debate. If you have a question about these rules, then you can post it in this thread.

3J, Seth, and BZ.

No New Forum Games

Posted 8/17/2015 by Sethaniel

A new set of Site Guidelines is about to go into effect.

As of right now, there is a moratorium on creating Forum Games.

That means no new games, no interest threads, nothing.