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News and Updates

New Contest Starting Soon

Posted 6/23/2017 by BerkaZerka
Hi all, this is a heads up for our Summer CYOA Writing Contest - which will officially start July 1st and run two months, ending the last day of August. Yep a two month contest (hosted by yours truly)! Look for the Official Post Friday, June 30th, which will reveal the Theme, Entry Rules, and Prizes to be won! -BZ

Chaos Contest Results

Posted 5/15/2017 by Bucky
1st Place: Saika - From a Great Height

2nd Place: CrescentStar - Three Hundred Thousand Tears

3rd Place: Orange - Penthos

4th Place: Battlemage - Ethowaine: A Time for Mourning

Honorable Mentions: Reverencia & Mizal

Congratulations to all our winners. Great work to all of our entrants. And SHAME to all of the rest.

A few random notes:

Ford and TCount are idiots.

Saika and Crescentstar made it onto all six ballots. Saika had two first place votes. Crescentstar had three first place votes. Though Saika placed no lower than second on any ballot! Fantastic job both of you.

Orange and Battlemage each made it onto four of the six ballots.

Reverencia and Mizal each made it onto three of the six ballots.

All but four of you wrote stories so unbelievably awful in the eyes of Sir William Smiley that Will11 used his fifth place slot to vote for a guy who didn't even enter the contest! ^_^

Thank you to our judges: @Will11 ; @EndMaster ; @BerkaZerka ; @StrykerL ; @Romulus ; and a middle finger to Bucky for being the last judge to finish for a third contest in a row.

A personal apology to @WouldntItBeNice for making an incorrect critique on her story while initially reading it sleep deprived and non-functioning.

A quick thank you to Mizal and the rest of you who have been understanding about the wait for the results. I've been very busy recently and dealing with life and such. But not you @MinnieKing - you can wallow in the Well of SHAME.

I will be stepping aside from hosting contests for the time being. I'll update my profile with the past few contest winners sometime in the next week or so. I'm only about three contests behind now! ^_^

Our next contest will be hosted by the ban-hammer king himself, BerkaZerka. Please don't flood him requesting details. He will make a formal announcement of his contest on his own terms.

@Saika ; @Crescentstar ; @Orange ; @Battlemage ; @Reverencia ; @mizal