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v20140011 Updates

Posted 7/6/2014 by alexp

Some minor bug fixes that should end some big annoyances, including the "PM that can never get unread"....

... also the length calculations have changed. @JJJ-thebanisher can provide more details (and will hopefully see this notice).

v20140010 - Forum Watching and Tagging!

Posted 6/4/2014 by alexp

Two quick changes to the forums...

  • [forums] following a thread - thanks to @Belphegor, there's now a WATCH button in the top
  • [Forums] Tag User in Post - thanks to @JJJ-thebanisher, you can now tag people with an at symbol, and it notifies you; you can try it against yourself to see what it does (like this: @alexp )

The first was actually reviving an ancient and long-broken feature that a I hid a while ago, and the second... just tag names like this. Hi @madglee thebanisher. It'd be nice if it hilighted them as you wrote it, but, it doesn't b/c that would be a lot harder.

Happy tagging!


I also re-fixed [v20140009] Extra BR to paragraphs in storygames. Please check your story and other stories on the site for line-break related formatting problems. I tested a small handful of featured storygames, they seem to be fine.

This would mostly impact authors who manually write HTML and don't rely on using line break tags (<br /> ). If this is the case, we can rollback or come up with a different solution.