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v20150001 Update

Posted 1/25/2015 by alexp

Sorry all, been caught up with everything else lately... but just wanted to fix a couple really annoying bugs -- the Duel and image Upload thing. So, that's what's in this update. Cheers!

Story-game Contest EXTENSION UNTIL MAR 1 2015

Posted 12/31/2014 by madglee

It suddenly occurs to me that I assigned you all homework for Christmas (or winter, in some cases) break. Most of you are probably off school and slacking off. I should have started the contest once school began, so that you'd avoid homework by slacking off writing a story.

Is this the case? I suspect so, due to the massive variance between submissions in October (~50), and the finished products in December. I wouldn't want to do anything over Christmas break either. 

I suspect that extending the contest into the school year, such that you slack off from homework by writing (or finishing) your story, would be ideal.

Probably bad timing on my part, getting all excited to start a contest.

What say we extend the contest until March 1st? All in favor?