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Feature Wishing Well Guidelines

Posted 4/2/2015 by Sethaniel

Reposted from the original thread, a list of what your FWW post needs in order to avoid rejection:  

  1. Does it clearly state who it will benefit (readers, new members, authors, power users, etc.) and how it will benefit them?
  2. Does it thoroughly describe the mechanism in which it will work? I.e. how it would appear to a user, if it could "leverage" an existing feature (like, the notifications)
  3. How difficult will this be to implement?
  4. How important is this to implement relative to all the other things that can be done?
  5. Has this already been requested? If so, how is it different (if it's new) or why should it be reconsidered (if it's rejected)?
  6. Does the community think that it's a worthy idea?

Difficulty --- I would use the “obvious” test more than anything; before, there were some crazy ones like “allow me to make a video game inside my game that you have to pass first”.

Mechanism --- that’s mostly about making sure the idea is very clearly (and unambiguously) described from the users’ perspective. For example, don’t say “allow me to favorite a storygame” without saying “add a star icon (like this one I found [over here]) next  to the title on the storygame overview page, that lights up when a storygame is favorited, can be clicked to favorite/unfavorite a storygame. Then, under MyStuff, have a page that lists the storygames that were featured.”

I recently messaged Alex about what he'd like the admins to do in regards to FWW posts, and this was his reply:

I don’t foresee having time in the near future to do any website changes… but sometimes I have a few hours and I want to try coding something again. So, it’s nice to have a list of things that are easy to implement and high-value. As an example, the “Does it thoroughly describe the mechanism in which it will work?” rule was huge ---- that’s where the @notifications came from. It’s been a “wish” since day one, but as soon as someone said “just use notifications like duels”, it was like “oh yeah, I could do that”.

Story-Game Contest RESULTS - Thunderdome

Posted 3/19/2015 by madglee

You know, I was a disappointed in the turnout. The other judges felt the same. And then Negative has the audacity to write a story in one day and call out the fact that the work was fast and low. 

But you know what? Negative's story is still an effort, and not bad at all, particularly if it was truly written in a day. And the other three? Well, fuck me, there was some nice, meaty writing there. From Kiel's presentation and slow, but tense plot building, to Tan's epic character development and interrelations, to Feanor's inspired descriptions, we definitely enjoyed the read.

Judging creative writing is always difficult. How does one do it? Varies, evidently. I tend to just go with my gut, while others may methodically look at technical skill vs. grammar vs. development vs. presentation vs. dialogue vs. etc. I'm not saying that sort of discussion happened here, exactly, but rather that writing is so personal and subjective that it is difficult to quantify. 

It was close. Very, very close.

The original rules of the contest state that we must receive:

"5 excellent entries. If we do not receive at least five strong efforts, there will simply be no contest. We can't very well go giving out Featured Storygame and user Trophies unless enough people try."

The original prizes, if we received 5 entries, were:

 #1: Featured StoryGame, + 100 Points, + Choice of Judge Trophy (Alexp has also said he may contribute something special, so we will have to wait and see!)

#2: 50 Points + Choice of Judge Trophy

#3: 25 points

#4: Honorable mention(s)?

 We did not meet the five entry minimum, but because of the quality of the entries, we have decided that we will honor the rewards, short of the featured StoryGame.

THE WINNERS ARE (It was close, but we had to choose): 

#1 Kiel_Farren and The Other World

Strong back story with journal, great writing. Awesome presentation. Incisive political commentary on freedom and oppression. Love that the guy's name is "Mors" (death) from the journal. "This path you're on now, will that really be the sum of your existence? Sleep. Eat. Work. Sleep. Eat. Work. Of course, perhaps you'll find a loving mate, begin a family, produce a couple of unfortunate children to continue the cycle of laboring for your mistress, then continue to work like a dog until you die and they have to bury you. Your fists clench in frustration. It's unfair and you know it, but what can you do about it? You're just a kid." -(Ed. Bahahahahaah. While the presentation was spectacular, make no mistake - we cannot be fooled with elaborate binders and presentations as is your sophomore English teacher - this story was engaging and poignant. It was slow to build, but pulled up throaty and indomitable by the middle and wrapped everything up tidy and clean.)

Kiel, you may choose a judge's trophy, and you will receive 100 dollars, in CYOA points, which you can never exchange for any real money, ever. Instead, you can have EXP points.* (1 dollar = 1 exp) . Congratulations, and thanks for entering!

#2 Tanstaafl and Undead Persona

Well, now. This story was complex and spectacular. Truly epic. The story telling was solid, and the author masterfully blended romance, action, intrigue, and existentialism into an engaging story. Nicely done. Some of the arcs were a bit confusing in my opinion, but you did a nice job of building tension and then allowing the reader to break it in his/her own way. I foresee great things from you in the future. 

Tanstaafl, you may choose a judge's trophy, and you will receive 50 dollars, in CYOA points, which you can never exchange for any real money, ever. Instead, you can have EXP points.* (1 dollar = 1 exp) . Congratulations, and thanks for entering!

#3 FeanorOnForge and Apocalypse Yesterday

Nice story and a great effort. Was engaging, and there were some interesting choices revolving around ethics, pride, and greed which rang true. The combat was well written and I didn't feel like "bad" choices would just end the story.

FeanorOnForge, you will receive 25 dollars, in CYOA points, which you can never exchange for any real money, ever. Instead, you can have EXP points.* (1 dollar = 1 exp) . Congratulations, and thanks for entering!


Props to Negative for, I hope, trying to fill out the 5 necessary entries and push the contest into legitimacy, but mentioning that you wrote the story in a day nearly sent me into a McDonald's AK frenzy, and the other judges were gnashing their teeth and beating their breasts. While your story was actually fairly decent, considering, your prize is not getting blown up in a car or banned for your audacity. Take your obvious talent and apply yourself.

Thanks to all who entered and all who didn't. I guess the point of these events is to engage you, the readers and writers, and to strengthen the community.

We truly value all of you guys, and can't wait to see more in the future.

After all, what's the point if we can't create and enjoy art?

P.S. Just PM a judge for his trophy. Congrats!