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December Contest

Posted 11/28/2017 by Bucky

December Contest - 1st Anniversary of the Ballad Contest! Huzzah! - Choose Your Own Prompt

Deadline: January 7, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. eastern time.

Entry Fee: 100 Points

Minimum entries required: Five valid entries or contest is moot.

Basic Rewards: 25 Points (entry fee returned + 25 points) for successfully submitting a story that achieves a minimum of 3.00/8.00 rating.

Additional Rewards: 100 Points for 1st Place; 50 Points for 2nd Place; 25 Points for 3rd Place

Restrictions: No co-authors. No recycled stories.

Format: CYOA

Requirement: Post a thread in the Writing Workshop and update twice a week on your progress.

Note: The entry fee is high to discourage people from taking prompts they don't intend to finish. Don't be an ass. If you take a prompt, finish it. Because someone else may very well have wanted that prompt.


A) Choose a prompt.

B) To claim a prompt, reply with the number you wish to select and the description of the prompt.

C) Edit lock your selection so you cannot change it.

D) Bucky will confirm your prompt within 24 hours.


Prompts: *** Prompts are binding as far as the plain language suggests. Beyond that, author creativity reigns.

1) In 100,000 B.C.E., a boy from a Neanderthal tribe meets a homo sapien girl for the first time, changing the fate of their tribes for all time . . . for better or worse.

2) In a rewrite of history, Patton survives the car wreck at the close of the war in Europe and goes on to beat Harry Truman in the 1948 presidential election. His first year in office, Patton takes war to Russia, to rid the world of the communist threat.

3) A nuclear winter grips the Earth. Tell us a tale.

4) This is not a tale of kings and queens, but a song of sorrows where the poor peasants muck their pigsties as the countryside burns in the wake of civil war.

5) A sci-fi taking place on a terraformed Mars, Venus, Titan, Europa, or Earth's moon. Take your pick.

6) Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. But when they came down, Jack soon found that he and Jill had a daughter.

7) An arrogant prick of a man, a godless heathen, but not quite an outright cunt, you find yourself on the periphery of hell. True to your nature, the only reasonable option left is to kill the god of the underworld and fight your way to FREEDOM!

8) The emperor sends you to a faraway land to capture exotic beasts for his zoo. But a spreading plague, a witch-doctor, and a brewing feud between local tribes presents . . . difficulties.

9) An open world CYOA in a Tolkien inspired land with a focus on characters, plot, and story. Must be more story than game. *Note, Tolkien inspired means the world must not be modern or futuristic. And the world must have an element of magic, arcane, or mysticism.

10) A story set in the Ming Dynasty.

11) Crap-sack world.

12) The world just keeps kicking you in the dick. Your house burns down. Your daughter dies of typhoid. Your whore wife runs off with a British privateer. Things can't seem to get worse, so you head to a tavern in downtown Port Royal to drink away the last of your money before you hang yourself. Only . . . it's June 7th, 1692 and your watch just hit 11:30 A.M. Shit is about to get real.

13) A society on the verge of a Golden Age experiences a cataclysmic disaster.

14) The protagonist is an orc.

15) From train robberies to cattle rustling and Indian wars, tell a story from the Wild West.

16) A horror romance.

17) Make up an entirely new world, including, species, religion, economy, and culture. The plot is up to you.

18) Your story takes place in the ancient city of Babylon and it's beautiful hanging gardens.

19) The protagonist is a literal dragon.

20) The protagonist is a (trope) dragon-in-chief.

21) A Halloween or horror ballad.

22) A Christmas ballad.

23) Vikings raid the British isles during the 9th century. Tell a story of a Viking raider.

24) Vikings raid the British isles during the 9th century. Tell a story of a British islander.

25) A fantasy story fit for children.

26) A love story between an English knight and a Flemish wool merchant's daughter. The story starts in 1335, two years before the start of the Hundred Years War.

27) Breath fresh life into the tale of Robin Hood.

28) A historical fiction with one of the main pathways being true history (edutainment).

29) A story set in an Australian penal colony.

30) A puzzle, mystery, or riddle game.

31) Mystery Box. Bucky will only tell you what it holds after you open it.

32) EndMaster's Game. EndMaster pick's the prompt.

33) Write a story about the Dullahan.

34) The protagonist is the village whore. But she's also a witch!

BZ's Summer Slam Contest Results!

Posted 9/24/2017 by BerkaZerka

1st Place Titan goes to AzBaz for Frameshift

2nd Place Super Hero goes to Ogre11 for Spy Mission
3rd Place Vigilante goes to EbonVasilis for A Chosen Hero
4th Place Sidekick goes to Saika for A Pleasant Shopping Trip

Special Thanks to EndMaster, Killa_Robot, and Will11 for helping to tally the results - and to the many creative Cohorts who also participated!

Some Interesting Sidenotes -

<*> No Entry was in the Top 3 Rankings of all four Judges
<*> 1st Place beat out 2nd Place by only a single point
<*> The Top 3 Winners were each in the Top 3 Rankings for three out of four Judges
<*> Fourth Place was in the Top 5 Rankings of three out of the four Judges
<*> Everyone else was hit or miss with the Judging

Not sure what the next Contest will bring or who will step up to run it – but again, thanks for the awesome turnout on this one!

Congrats Winners! ^v^