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CYS Lords O War!

Posted 9/26/2020 by BerkaZerka

CYS Lords O War!

Begins 10/3/2020

Do you have what it takes to command your armies to overwhelming victory? CYS Lords O War is your chance to prove your strategic prowess and earn your place at the top of the heap!

A Tournament-Style undertaking, you battle one-on-one, gaining more power with each opponent you defeat, until there’s no one left to challenge you.

COST TO ENTER: 50xp (Refundable After Full Participation Only)

BONUS XP: +10xp will be awarded for each Win!

The Ultimate Winner will also receive a PDF copy of the Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe 3E RPG.

See the Official Signup thread in the Lounge for more info if you are interested!

(Requires a 1 Post Per Day Minimum Participation Commitment)

Halloween Writing Jam

Posted 9/6/2020 by mizal
No contest here, the contest is over th-- Right. I know some of you will undoubtedly be wanting to get your spooky on for Halloween, but your hosts at CYS are all contested out for the next couple of months. Mara has stepped up. ....well, she actually did over a week ago and I've been too lazy to make the thread over here. But the deadline is the end of October, that's like forever from now. You guys have plenty of time! This isn't going to be an official contest with points fees and the like, but if you're wanting to write a Halloween story, you shouldn't need any extra incentive to go forth and spread the glory of CYS! Pointless points and e-honor however will be rewarded to those who make a good showing. I don't think you have to actually make an account over there to enter, but get with @poison_mara about any details like that. Oh, and she has made a promotional video, full of spook: ****** Our previous cross-site battle had only @Wannabe_Human showing up from the CoGite side, and he's already in this one. The guy seems to specialize in spookiness so we will need to send in our best to take him down. Watch this space for a Discord link, I've been going over the idea of a September-November event server for discussion of horror fiction in various forms, as well as all the contests and jams that pop up in various places around this time of year. Update: linky