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New Contest Theme: Lone Hero

Posted 7/5/2019 by mizal

Lone Hero Contest

Yesterday, in the only real country, we celebrated INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM. For those of you not taking part in shameful degeneracy, let me announce a new contest for FREE and INDEPENDENT, larger than life heroes and anti-heroes. Think classic Westerns, samurai films, and Mad Max. Knights and monks and rogues. A stranger comes out of the forest, crosses the desert, or comes sailing in from a distant star. Their past is a mystery, and they may ride off into the sunset within the week, but an evil will be defeated and the community they arrive in will never be the same. Deadline is 11:59 PM August 18th, CST. A generous enough timeline even if you're entering the succubus contest, but I'd advise not waiting till the last minute. (You will anyway, I know...but I'm not angry. Just disappointed.) This contest will release you from SHAME (if you are in this unfortunate state) and if there are at least three entries the winner will receive 125 points. Those who enter and don't win will receive a strong feeling of self worth and self respect and the knowledge that they're not as useless as everybody else. Those who promise to enter but don't produce a story, or don't meet minimum site standards will be harshly punished, of course... And note that if you DO publish something, it must remain up for at least a week. None of this publishing to avoid SHAME and then pulling it down again 20 minutes later nonsense. I know that trick. I invented that trick.

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest

Posted 7/3/2019 by EndMaster


Originally posted in the “Ask A SUCKubus” thread and expanded on:

Since this site suddenly has an influx of succubi experts, one of you go write a good story about one.

Deadline is July 31st 12:00 AM.

Reward: Our non-succubus monster Mayana is potentially offering a gift card for Steam or something for the winner. You’ll also get pointless points, potential commendations, and respect of the site.

I don’t care how you do it. It can be horror, it can be fantasy, you can even make it romance if you’re into that sort of thing. Yes, sirens, vamps and other bitches that lure men to ruin are also acceptable. If you want to make a plain old human “succubus” rather than a literal one, that’s acceptable too, but chances are I’m going to find it a bit boring. If I wanted to see something about gold digging whores, I'd just watch some reality TV show.

And yeah because we’re more progressive than some might believe, it can even be the less popular male incubus instead. Though honestly I figure what some of you degenerates are going to do is just give the succubus a dick and call it a day.

And for fuck’s sake, don’t make it based on some cutesy monster girl anime bullshit. NO FANFICTION  

(Okay fanfic is fine, just nothing based on anime weeb shit.)

Good luck.