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BZ's Summer Slam Contest Results!

Posted 9/24/2017 by BerkaZerka

1st Place Titan goes to AzBaz for Frameshift

2nd Place Super Hero goes to Ogre11 for Spy Mission
3rd Place Vigilante goes to EbonVasilis for A Chosen Hero
4th Place Sidekick goes to Saika for A Pleasant Shopping Trip

Special Thanks to EndMaster, Killa_Robot, and Will11 for helping to tally the results - and to the many creative Cohorts who also participated!

Some Interesting Sidenotes -

<*> No Entry was in the Top 3 Rankings of all four Judges
<*> 1st Place beat out 2nd Place by only a single point
<*> The Top 3 Winners were each in the Top 3 Rankings for three out of four Judges
<*> Fourth Place was in the Top 5 Rankings of three out of the four Judges
<*> Everyone else was hit or miss with the Judging

Not sure what the next Contest will bring or who will step up to run it – but again, thanks for the awesome turnout on this one!

Congrats Winners! ^v^

BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread

Posted 9/11/2017 by BerkaZerka
If/When you have an Entry for BZ's Summer Slam Contest, post a Link to your Story here. :)