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BZ's Summer Slam Link Thread

Posted 9/11/2017 by BerkaZerka
If/When you have an Entry for BZ's Summer Slam Contest, post a Link to your Story here. :)

BZ's Summer Slam Contest!

Posted 6/30/2017 by BerkaZerka

BZ's Summer Slam Contest!

Theme: Heroes, Vigilantes, & Spies - Create fun and mayhem through larger-than-life scenarios.

Format: CYOA

Deadline: August 31st at 2400 hrs | September 16th 0000 hrs Eastern Standard Time

Two Week Contest Extension

Due to the disruption being caused by Hurricane Harvey, the submission deadline will be pushed to September 16th.


The primary focus of the plot and or setting should involve playing a hero, super-hero, vigilante, or spy. The protagonist must be on the side of good, justice, karma (or whatever), protecting his or her neighborhood, city, country, etc. from the bad guys/forces of evil. An anti-hero may be used and the lines between good and evil blurred here and there as dramatically needed - but Submissions where the protagonist is an outright villain or acts in a generally unheroic manner throughout will be disqualified (though that might make an interesting contest at a later date).

Entry Requirements & Prizes:

You must formally declare intent to enter the contest in this thread, as there is a point entry fee. Hopefully, this will motivate people to finish and reward those who honor their commitments

People can choose to enter the contest for 25, 50, 75, 100, or 125 points. Upon entering, those points will be deducted from your total. Upon submitting a contest story which meets minimum contest standards, you will get either 30, 60, 90, 120, or 150 points back (depending on how much they entered for).

1st Place Winner will get an additionally 100 points for winning the contest, BZ's Glorious Mustache Trophy!, a Commendation, and a Featured Story if it's good enough to merit featuring.

2nd Place Winner will get an additionally 50 points and a possible Commendation, if it's good enough to merit one.

3rd Place Winner will get an additionally 25 points and a possible Commendation, if it's good enough to merit one.

If you do not submit a contest story which meets minimum contest standards by the deadline, you will not receive any rewards or points back.

To eliminate any possible confusion, the first number is your entry fee, and the second would be your reward. And this is just for submitting an acceptable entry. The Winners will receive additional points on top of their initial reward.

25 -> 30

50 -> 60

75 -> 90

100 -> 120

125 -> 150

Recap: Stories will not be valid entries unless the site member formally announces his or her intent to enter the contest in this thread with the amount of points he or she wishes to stake.

* See EndMaster for rules regarding your service to him if your entry sends you into negative points.

* Stories that cannot meet minimum site standards count the same as a non entry and get SHAME.

* One entry fee/bet per site member. Multiple Submissions are allowed, but mind the quality. No alternate accounts.


The judging panel will consist of Moderators/Administrators and selected highly esteemed community members that do not wish to enter.