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Year's End Contest - Choose Your Own Prompt II

Posted 11/28/2019 by Bucky

Year's End Contest - Return of the Choose Your Own Prompt Contest

Deadline: January 3, 2020 at 11:59 P.M. eastern time.

Entry Fee: 100 Points

Minimum entries required: Five valid entries or contest is moot.

Basic Rewards: 25 Points (entry fee returned + 25 points) for successfully submitting a story that achieves a minimum of 4.00/8.00 rating.

Additional Rewards: 100 Points for 1st Place; 50 Points for 2nd Place; 25 Points for 3rd Place

Restrictions: No co-authors. No recycled stories.


CYOA Fake News Requirement: Post a thread in the Writing Workshop and update twice a week on your progress.

Note: The entry fee is high to discourage people from taking prompts they don't intend to finish. Don't be an ass. If you take a prompt, finish it. Because someone else may very well have wanted that prompt.

Instructions: A) Choose a prompt. B) To claim a prompt, reply with the number you wish to select and the description of the prompt. C) Edit lock your selection so you cannot change it. D) Someone important will (probably) confirm your prompt within 24 hours. E) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHECK TO SEE IF SOMEONE TOOK THE PROMPT YOU WANT FIRST.

Prompts: *** Prompts are binding as far as the plain language suggests. Beyond that, author creativity reigns.

1) Tell us a tale of a knight, a dragon, and a princess. Cupcakitty

2) An aspiring medical student travels to a foreign land to study at a renowned hospital. The plague draws near. Kar

3) A story set on a tidally locked planet. FistedDave

4) Sharpen your ax, it's 793 - and the first of a steady stream of Viking raids are about to hit the British isles.

5) A better story about snow. Digit

6) A story of a lunatic empress... with a fondness for horses.

7) Create a fantasy or science fiction world from scratch. The story must include a map of the relevant locality. Mara

8) This story has an original and sensible magic system, built from the ground up. The plot is up to you. Shadow

9) A romantic winter horror genre splice. Chef

10) The younger son of a minor noble rallies coin and followers for his venture. His goal? Flee the kingdom and construct a castle on the shores of the mineral rich unclaimed frozen wastes in the far north. Derp

11) This tribal community lived a rather simple existence with the occasional war and the odd bit of cannibalism - but everything changed when the strangely dressed gods arrived in their wooden turtles from across the sea.

12) The protagonist is an anti-villain. Everything else is up to you. Corgi

13) A dwarf takes a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel. What happens next? BryceTheJew

14) The mad scientist has just created a new ... animal? species? creature? race? Whatever it is, she has an army of them, and things aren't ever going to be the same. Patandjenfan33333 BANNED

15) Breathe fresh live into the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Fluxion

16) For your services to the crown, the king has granted you valuable lands near an important crossroads in a recently conquered territory. Now, it's time to retire and fulfill your dream of operating a renowned brewery and tavern ... but it may be wise to keep your sword-arm ready. Ogre

17) History abridged: The protagonist is Attila the Hun.

18) History abridged: The protagonist is Cleopatra VII.

19) The protagonist is a goat farmer. The plot, genre, and time period are up to you. Mizal

20) A cuckolded baron plots revenge against the local duke for impregnating his wife. enterpride

21) They say the roads aren't safe for a young woman traveling alone. But that's never stopped you before. Wildblue

22) A story set in ancient Mesopotamia. Maz

23) A story that revolves around a mystery or a series of puzzles and riddles. Pugpup

24) The supervolcano beneath Yellowstone exploded three years ago, and the earth has begun to slip into a new ice age. You really wish you didn't live in Siberia. Technology may be contemporary or futuristic. Ford (Chanbot)

25) You're a pilgrim traveling to a holy site. To fund your travels, you tell short stories that the audience can influence. The setting may be historical or fantastical. Camelon

26) The plot revolves around a graveyard tryst.

27) You live in a world overrun by monsters. Good thing you're a trained monster slayer. Chris

28) Create a children's fable. Ninja

29) The protagonist is a talking bear. Lopz66

30) For the bold - a story that will make Mizal cry. VainCorsair

31) Diversity option: show them how it's really done.

32) EndMaster's box of horrors. Beg for EndMaster to give you a prompt. Canary

33) CYOA winter-themed ballad. Serpent (Micropen)

34) Frontier Contest throwback. TheDeadKin

35) Chaos Contest throwback. Coins (Spartacus)

v20190007 Update

Posted 9/19/2019 by JJJ-thebanisher

Hi all,

Small update here:

  1. All published stories will have a more accurate word count because the way that the word count is calculated has been updated to better handle line and paragraph breaks.
  2. Storygame length (/8) is calculated by a different formula.
  3. Made high-length storygames (6/7/8) much, much more rare. Note: this didn't properly go through and some published stories didn't have their lengths recalculated. This will be fixed for published games at some point (probably early next week) and all newly published stories will already be correct.
  4. The advanced editor storygame page will now open in a new tab instead of a new window (though this might be browser dependent). It has also been completely re-written so it no longer consists of legacy code. This should hopefully fix the timeout bug.
  5. Loading the game properties page of games with lots of words should now be much faster.
  6. Featured comments are now only worth 2 commendations (effective retroactively).
  7. The classic editor has been removed and all games have been migrated to the advanced editor. It's become too technically challenging to maintain two editors with a small dev team.
  8. Storygames are worth a LOT more commendations (effective retroactively).
  9. The formula for calculating the commendation worth of a storygame has been updated so in addition to the value being scaled up, the relative values also will change.

While the actual tangible output of this update is rather small, this was a slow one because a great deal was accomplished behind the scenes. A lot of code was deleted and a lot of code was refactored and rewritten in order to facilitate the above. In particular, porting the advanced editor storygame page out of asp hell was a challenge.

Because it involved a complete re-write of the advanced editor storypage page, this is update is inherently risky. While I tried to test thoroughly on my own, how these changes will run on prod is always a mystery. I'm almost positive that some edge case will stop functioning or some non-core functionality will be broken. Please diligently file B&P posts for anything you see. If anything in the core path is broken, we will rollback. We obviously don't want our core editor to be out of commission. My fingers are crossed! There are talks about eventually spinning up a test site that can be used to canary some of these features and that would be great.