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February Contest & End's EdgeLord Contest

Posted 2/17/2017 by Bucky
February Flash Fiction Contest

Theme: Open

Format: Flash Fiction

Deadline: February 24th at 23:59 eastern time.

Requirements: Strict 200-300 word limit/range.

Write a Flash Fiction story with a hard word count of 200-300 words on any theme you like. Good entries will tell a complete story.

Please announce your intent to enter in this thread.

There is a point entry fee of 25 points. Since the stories are very short for this contest, this is the only entry fee amount allowed. You will receive 30 points for completion of an entry. You may submit up to three entries. You only have to pay one entry fee, but will only receive the initial bonus. In order for the contest winner to be eligible to earn a trophy, we must have at least 20 total entries.

Post your actual entries in the submission thread. All other entries will not be counted. Please include your word count with your entry and edit lock.

@EndMaster is also running a personal EdgeLord Contest. I challenge everyone to enter this as well. Think of the glory and bragging rights if you win both. If it motivates anyone, I will be writing a ~ 3,000 word entry for End's contest. His contest ends February 28th.

EndMaster's EdgeLord Contest

v20170008 Update

Posted 2/11/2017 by JJJ-thebanisher

v20170008 Update

Hi all,

Rather large update here. Changes that may be of particular interest are points 6, 11, and 14. Here’s the full list of what’s changed:

  1. Included Exemplars without commendations on order dashboards.

  2. Removed two broken links to articles that don’t exist (storygames page and PMs page)

  3. Added a reminder not to ever give passwords out in the PMs page.

  4. Fixed the commended/endorsed type on order dashboards.

  5. Fixed the bug where users with Exemplar of Avon titles don’t get bolded usernames.

  6. Removed the checkbox under posts that says ‘Notify me when…” When you post in a thread, you will automatically be notified when someone else posts, unless you disable that option from your profile settings. You can always manually watch or unwatch a thread by using the button near the top of the thread.

  7. Fixed the bug where creating a new article throws an error.

  8. When you maximize or resize a page popup within the advanced editor, the height of the text box should resize with you.

  9. If you try to publish a storygame that hasn’t existed for two days, it will tell you precisely when you’ll be able to publish it.

  10. All new users will receive a welcome message from cysid. This message is based on Malkalack’s (and IP’s) writing.

  11. You can now write HTML in Private Messages. I might add a RTE here at some point.

  12. Tiny typos in Account & Settings fixed and maturity levels fixed.

  13. Fixed HTML in profile subsections.

  14. Changed the front page categories. The first category mimics the top games list but the second category is new. It lists the top 5 games which you haven’t rated in terms of how close they are to getting enough votes to be ranked. Any story that is already ranked will never show up there and any story that you’ve already rated will never show up there.

  15. Added contest winner trophies for @WouldntItBeNice and @Ogre11. Congratulations! These will go out the next time the trophy script is deployed (Saturday night).

  16. Unpublished storygames can no longer be rated

  17. Games with fewer than 10 ratings do not display a rating at all. This is to dissuade people from voting in the same fashion that other people did. (Anchoring)

  18. Some sidebar and profile CSS has been fixed. Shoutout to @BradinDvorak for going above and beyond on this one; he really made my life easy.

I’d like to take this moment to ask people to really be clear in the Bugs & Problems section. Please give me as much information as possible, so that I have a chance to fix your problem. I’m sure I will have created some bugs in the course of building these changes!