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CYS Forum Game Tournament for XP!

Posted 6/29/2015 by BerkaZerka

Come one, come all -  Play Neo Commander - Army Ants (World Conquest!) for a token CYS XP Award!

This is a CYS-Wide Tournament (all are welcome) in homage to 3J's Famous Commander Forum Game and to encourage members who normally avoid our Forum Games section to come in and give it a whirl!


Posted 6/18/2015 by Sethaniel

People wrecking things with code has gotten completely out of hand.  No one who is not a mod or admin is allowed to alter the site. This is non-negotiable, and a  bannable offense.  This includes  Altering other people's posts or profiles, as well as breaking threads so they can't be replied to.

Several people have been warned about this in the past; consider this everyone's final warning.  If you are not a mod or admin-- Do not alter people's posts. Do not alter people's profiles. 

Side note: please remember, Warriors fans, only two cat forum games can be running at a time. Otherwise you risk having your thread deleted.