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School Based Contest - 2016

Posted 5/16/2016 by Kiel_Farren

Hey, folks. Seth and I couldn't help noticing that CYS has two very sad looking categories--(since people won't stop reminding me :P)--ones that I keep meaning to get around to writing for, but haven't quite had the time for yet. SO, we decided to get you guys involved in the effort to bolster their numbers. Let's start with the one that has a spot open for featuring.

As stated in the title, this contest's category will be: School-Based.

This category relies on its location, obviously, because a good majority of your game should take place at the school in question. Please keep in mind, it does not need to be a normal school. It could be a college, it could be like Professor X's institute, it could be a pre-school for ninjas, just so long as it qualifies as a facility for learning something and your characters spend a good amount of time attending. It would be great to see some 'outside the box' entries, which both apply to the category and defy expectation... but it'd also be great to see a more classic, high-quality entry or two.

Now, as for time: You have until the 20th of next month, 11:59pm, EST, to submit your entry.

Why? Well, we were going to do just a month, but you guys (and gals) tend to drag your heels on signing up for stuff, so Seth and I agreed that you get a few extra days for you to sign-up and start your story. Please reply to this post if you want to enter and add me as a co-author once you create your game.


First Place - 100 points + Featured Game + $25 gift card. (A generous donation from Seth. :D)
Second place - 75 points.
Third place - 50 points.
(Entries aside from first place may be featured if their quality is high enough.)


1. No pre-existing games. (Pre-existing concepts, though? Go for it.)
2. No co-authors aside from me. You may use a beta-reader, but don't add. Link.  
    B. You may contact me for scripting help if you get stuck.
    C. You may not choose your own beta.
3. Yes, I'd love to see a motivational thread from you. I may even award points for them.  
4. No, don't use your motivational thread to ask for ideas. This is your game. No one else's.
5. Kiel will be acting as head judge for this contest.  As per the previous contest, all participants are required to act as judges.  Beta readers may also judge, as well as any spectators.  There will be a voting survey for which Seth will provide passcodes.
6. Do not vote for your own game.
7. Once you finish your game and publish, PM me a link to it, please. 
(Further rules for voting will be posted once we know how many entries we'll have.)

WE ALSO NEED BETA-READERS AND ADDITIONAL JUDGES, please reply to this post to sign up. 

^_^ You are also welcome to sign up as both if you feel up to the task. Beta-readers must sign up voluntarily, will be given a writer to work with at random, and they cannot be writing participants. Also, this contest is open to anyone (--who isn't a troll, or me, because there's no way I'm hosting and entering while also keeping up with my mod duties.)

Permanent Ban - Brennon

Posted 5/15/2016 by Kiel_Farren

This is an Administrative Announcement:

The individual that you, as a community, have known by the names: Brennonwilson1, Brennonwilson2, Brennonwilson3, TheFINALBRENNON, Jackaboy, Animeguy1, Grrrrr, Meiwmsi, Jwmai, Bjhvjy, and Cherryhel15, (exc...)

AKA "Brennon" has been permanently banned from CYS due to illegal photo distribution and extremely inappropriate conduct toward multiple site members.

I want to be clear: I am NOT talking about simple trolling, I am NOT talking about simply breaking CYS policy, I am talking about actions that have gotten people jail time. This is serious.

The investigation regarding this was extremely unpleasant and I have already discussed the subject ad-nauseam (and I really do mean that) so I do not want to rehash the finer details here for the sake of morbid curiosity.

Understand, though: his presence will NOT be tolerated on the forums or on this site in any way, shape, or form.

I would appreciate the community's full cooperation on this matter.

Brennon, if you're reading this, give up. Move on. There is nothing left for you here. As you've already been told, you are not welcome here any longer, and no matter how many times you change your name, I will find you again. We're not giving you any more chances and we're not listening to any more excuses.

You know what you did was wrong, and your behavior before, during, and after the night in question was reprehensible. If you care about anyone in this community, then the only decent thing you could do now is leave for good and stop upsetting them.

If you don't, I (and every other CYS mod) will continue to kick you off this site as many times as it takes until you yield.

-The Admin Staff of CYS