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Post-Apocalyptic Story Contest Submissions Only

Posted 2/24/2015 by madglee

When you have finished your story, please post once with your submission. Include the title of your story and anything else you wish to post, within reason.

Good luck!

P.S. If we do not receive at least 5 submissions, there will be no contest, but those who submitted shall surely reap some reward, should their entries be a result of effort.

DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD UNLESS YOU ARE POSTING A SUBMISSION. ALL OTHERS WILL BE DEFILED, or at least stained, in some miniscule (or hideously savage) way.


v20150001 Update

Posted 1/25/2015 by alexp

Sorry all, been caught up with everything else lately... but just wanted to fix a couple really annoying bugs -- the Duel and image Upload thing. So, that's what's in this update. Cheers!