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News and Updates

v20190006 Update

Posted 9/5/2019 by JJJ-thebanisher

Hi all,

Very small update here. I saw @Bill_Ingersoll 's post in the B&P forum and decided to rush out an hour of coding and here we are:

  1. The RTE plugins (fonts, word count, colors, etc.) should now work everywhere. You may need a hard refresh/cache clear to see this.
  2. The home page categories are now centered and have better background colors.
  3. The publish storygame screen warns explicitly that demos are not allowed.
  4. The storygame creation article link (in the creation flow) points to an actual published article.
  5. The storygame-in-need category ranks stories with a rating >=5 above stories with worse ratings.
  6. It now takes only 50 ratings to get a storygame ranked.
  7. @AzBaz gets his well-deserved and long-awaited contest trophy.
  8. Articles are now worth 50 points (and this is applied retroactively).
  9. Articles are now actually worth 10 commendations (and this is applied retroactively).


v20190005 Update

Posted 8/29/2019 by JJJ-thebanisher

Hi all,

Small update here:

  1. Added Forum Bugs Moderator functionality! Two members: Ogre11 and BradinDvorak have been appointed as the inaugural Forum Bugs Moderators meaning that they will have the ability to delete or resolve bugs in the Bugs & Problems forum.
  2. RTE: Removed useless buttons
  3. RTE: Added colors and fonts back
  4. RTE: Added wordcount and paragraph count in the bottom right corner of the RTE
  5. You can now quote in the forums! Use the quote button in the RTE (or use blockquote tags manually) and the website will now properly render blockquotes.
  6. You can now use the RTE in private messages. (Note: there's a bug where this doesn't appear for new conversations)
  7. Administrators listed in Help&Info will be restricted to active administrators, in similar fashion to trophy holders.
  8. The codebase was simplified a bit and some QOL improvements to make working there a little saner were introduced. As a part of this refactor, the "new" layout/design was removed.

Note: For the RTE changes, you may need to clear your cache before you see the difference.

Also, just as a sidenote, for you non-RTE folks, there's a SOURCE button on the RTE that gets you to non-RTE land in one click if you actually need it for anything.