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The new Price of Freedom now released!

Posted 3/29/2019 by mizal
Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost has been in the site's top five list of games since its original release in the 2014 Spring Thing. Now I'm very pleased to announce that Briar_Rose (now going by Avery_Moore) has published a brand new, greatly expanded version. This game is an update of the original version of The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost, published in 2014. The update contains three more stats, a choice of names for your character, the option to play as either male or female, two extra chapters, far more background and character development, and is over twice as long as the original, with a total of over 100,000 words. As most of you know, it was originally intended for release on Choice of Games, but, without getting into the details, they did her dirty and now their loss is our gain! ^_^ Being posted here means Price of Freedom is free to enjoy by all without the annoyance of ads, as are all stories on CYS. Although if you'd like to be an amazing and wonderful person and support the ongoing work on the sequels, you may find her Patreon here and tip her a buck or two. Read the story here! Ratings and feedback as always are adored. Edit: loathe as I am to bring drama into an official update post, it's come to my attention that a certain co-owner of Choice of Games who will not be named is telling flat out lies and attacking both Avery and the owner of our site for reasons that I can only assume make sense to him somehow. I hope this clears up the rumors going around to anyone who cares to know the truth: Why I don't write for Hosted Games, by Avery_Moore

Best of 2019 Contest Starts Now

Posted 1/5/2019 by mizal
Let's try something different this year.

At any point before the end of November, you may nominate ONE story you've published between now and then as your entry. Any length, any theme, and you can spend as much or as little time on it as you like. The only restriction is that it can't have been entered in any previous contest.

There will be no bets, no SHAMING. There WILL be prizes. (To be announced at a later date.) I'll bump this now and then as a reminder, but I don't really care about motivation threads and the like. It's your own job to motivate yourself.

I also don't care if the story was started in 2018 and I'm going to ignore anyone whining about that. If someone used the extra time to write a story so epic and amazing it can't possibly be duplicated by someone else working a solid eleven months, then screw it, they deserve the win. Whichever story you wish to enter, link it in this thread whenever you're ready. No edits will be allowed past November 30th. The voting period will last a full month and all judging will be done by the community. There will be a fresh thread closer to the date with the details on that.