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Hello I am a new author working on my first serious attempt at a game. I prefer a small amount of choices that greatly impact the story instead of many smaller ones. I love this site and there is some amazing stories here. I hope to soon add my contribution to to the middle class of stories here before too long.

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Love and Hate

   This is a story of love, regret and how magic might not be able to fix everything.

This story will have only a handful of choices but each one will carry massive weight.

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Some Questions for You, as a Reader on 6/23/2018 10:25:16 PM

Yeah, that was a hell of a good point, kinda sad I let the fact people were actually replying blind me to that.  I wish you luck and remember to enjoy the ride as well.  

Some Questions for You, as a Reader on 6/23/2018 10:09:54 PM

My bad, misinterpreted that, but the friends growing closer is a good one. I am more of a fans of people that hate each being forced together and growing closer. There is a lot you can do with it. Do they genuinely hate each other or are they just on different sides of a conflict and hate the idea of a person more than the actual person. Example is a character hating someone who killed a loved one, An example of the later would be soldiers on different sides of a war. Yes they are trying to kill each other but it's often not personal between them. Hope this helped  

Some Questions for You, as a Reader on 6/23/2018 9:56:02 PM

For names, biblical is always a safe bet in this time. The church was a massive part of everyday life. Interesting fact a pope once outlawed cats, and people started killing them off. A little event known as the bubonic plague sorta changed some minds. As for tropes yeah they are a standby for a reason. If done decently they provide a good base to build upon. As long as a story isn't just a tvtropes list with some names it should be fine.

Love and Hate on 6/23/2018 8:58:46 PM

Once again thank you for the feedback. Looking back over yeah I could see the mix up with the arm thing. Again I think just what I was thinking got lost a bit when I put it down. Again your and you're are kicking my ass thanks for pointing that out. With that first part they were walking and talking only, but maybe if I included something about it being lunch maybe it would work better. Though that risks it getting too wordy, I get the confusion with the dialogue, I was aware who was talking and how it flowed but I wrote it so some bias there I'll try to tighten that up. I tried for a bit of humor in this part but I'm glad it fit. 

Love and Hate on 6/22/2018 9:13:18 PM

So apparently I hate myself, because I have decided to put a bit more of the story here for review. Now this next part contains two of my greatest weaknesses. That being lots of dialogue and a fight. God, this part was one headache after another. Enjoy and once again any feedback is welcomed.



For what felt like the thousandth time, Tyler had zoned out during his morning classes. He and Sunny were walking towards the cafeteria, while she prattled on about some inane topic.

Suddenly she stopped and and in a low tone spoke up, "We're being followed. Blonde female, blue eyes keep your guard up." Sunny stated with an almost out of character amount of seriousness.

"Don't worry about that I'm sure she'll come start a public scene soon enough." Tyler drawled out in a long suffering fashion. It was Sunny's turn to look at Tyler like he was an idiot.  

True to his prediction it is was quiet until the pair had just taken a seat, when suddenly "WHO THE FUCK IS THAT BIMBO!?"  a voiced roared out as a figure made its way towards them.

"Who the hell does this bitch think she is?" Grumbled Sunny as she shot the fast approaching female a glare that promised a world of pain. "Sunny I would like you to meet my sister, Lisa." Tyler stated clearly weary.

Sunny instantly calmed down a bit but was still glaring at the now identified Lisa. "Hey fuck face, you finally get a friend and you think your hot shit or something?" Lisa was seemingly oblivious to the very angry looking Sunny.

" I've tried contacting your dumbass, but suddenly you think you too good or some shit?"

Trying to clear the headache that was forming Tyler stated in a defeated tone, "Lisa, please just go away." Sunny was the only one who caught how Tyler's voice broke when he had said please, which only deepened the rage she was feeling at that moment.

"Why? So you can go back to fucking your little two dollar whore? You think this fake ass bitch actually gives a flying fuck about you? News flash she is just some gold digging slu-"

The rest of Lisa's tirade was cut short as Tyler stood up slamming his hands down on the table. He felt a rush of what he thought was adrenaline, yet it felt distant and oddly comforting.

In a cold commanding tone Tyler spoke never once breaking eye contact. " You can make fun of me all you want, but you will not talk about Sunny that way. DO I MAKE MY SELF CLEAR? " Tyler's voice never rose but the underlaying threat was not lost on anyone who had heard his statement.

After being taken aback for a moment, Lisa's face shifted into a mask of rage and hatred. " Oh, look who finally grew a fucking pair." Lisa retorted. Cocking her arm back Lisa threw a wild haymaker at Tyler intending to put him in his place.

The impact never came as in the next instant Sunny was standing while holding Lisa by the wrist. Sunny spoke, her voice a rage filled growl.

"Oh no, you fucking don't. I tried being nice since your his sister but no one touches my man, you lipstick lesbian bitch!" Pulling on the arm she was holding Sunny threw a punch that connected with Lisa as she was dragged forward into it.

Lisa instantly dropped like a puppet with all of its strings cut. "Damn, she rocked your world harder then any toy ever has." Tyler said to the clearly unresponsive Lisa.

Through the haze of her rage Sunny noticed something, that was the first time she had heard anything even resembling happiness in Tyler's voice. That quickly calmed her out of her rage as she began to worry.

Love and Hate on 6/22/2018 5:19:13 PM

Thank you, I hope it turns out interesting. 

Love and Hate on 6/22/2018 5:18:36 PM

Thank you for the great feedback. I admit I struggle with the less is more thing, especially with how wordy the sentences can get.  The spelling was a mistake, same with the period. And thanks for the point about the cigarette. It's actually supposed to be Sunny driving but i might want to clear that up better. I hadn't even thought about how that might've gotten lost in transition from my mind to the paper. It was good though to hear that the dialogue wasn't complete trash. I struggle with making it sound natural at all, usually it is forced beyond belief.   

Love and Hate on 6/21/2018 11:00:39 PM

Actually, the story is more about how making seemingly small choices can have an effect on our personalities which has an impact on relationships. How small choices could also lead to us not "Being at at the right place at the right time" for whatever grand plan there might have been.  There will be a small touch of magic, but my hope is for this to be a more character driven story. What choices did they make to become who they are now. More importantly how do these choices impact how they interact with others. Is it possible that one poor choice could have enough of an impact that someone you would normally love you hate them instead and vice-versa. As for the word count not enough. smiley   

Love and Hate on 6/21/2018 7:49:44 PM

I'm almost positive no one remembers, but about a year ago I posted some clips from a stroy I was writing. Shorty after this I found I had lost my motivation. Well, I'm back now and progress is being I wanted to take a couple of minutes to post part of it and get some feed back. I will be the first to admit my writing isn't spectacular but i hope you enjoy.


It was another quiet ride to school when suddenly, Sunny asked a question. "So what's your family like? I just realized I never asked." Sunny asked inquisitively, with what she thought was a subtle look at Tyler.

Tyler seemingly missed the look and spoke in a bored and dispassionate voice. "Mom is a heroin fiend, and if you know where my dad is that makes one of us."

Ignoring the concerned look Sunny was giving him he continued . "Sister is a raging bitch that got held back and tries to make my life hell. Well, I guess more like just a lower circle of it any ways." With that Tyler waved his hand dismissively as if to clear the air of such a topic.

"Your fine with all that?" Sunny asked not being a fan of how causally Tyler spoke negatively of his family.  All the response she got was Tyler sending her a look that just screamed of, 'what kind of an idiot are you?' The car fell into silence, and Tyler found himself glad for this as he pulled out a cigarette.


Question about character personality on 6/17/2018 6:48:44 AM

Mercy/Ruthless I think would work out quite nice. Maybe that is just a bit more due to the nature of both? It could be easy to say it just became a habit. Straying from one side would take a very deliberate course of action. which by that point would go seemingly against who the character is. Since they either were merciful or ruthless often enough for it to be ingrained.