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The Sages have a total of 675 Commendations.

Distinguished Members

1MinnieKingOrdained 201
2TharaApplesLauded 190
3Steve24833Lauded and Exemplar87
4mizalLauded 51
5StrykerLLauded 47
6JJJ-thebanisher Exemplar35
11BerkaZerka Exemplar of Avon6
16Killer999 Exemplar0
17AppDude27 Exemplar0
18thatguy Exemplar0
19Yunakitty Exemplar0
20Chase223 Exemplar0

Recent Commendation History

4/13/20171mizalForum Post
4/11/20171mizalForum Post
3/28/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on OUTBREAK: Chapter 1
3/28/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Secret of the Mysterious Door
3/28/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Halfway Decent
3/28/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Cryogenic Failure
3/28/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Kill that Spider!
3/28/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Fairly OddParents: Crocker's Playhouse
3/28/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Panda Quiz
3/27/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on A Day in the Life (and death) of you.
3/27/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Delaying Action
3/27/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Palio
3/27/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Epic Adventure of Epicness
3/27/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Zombie Mayhem
3/26/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Wormtongue Journals: Book One
3/26/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Surviving the Trip Home
3/26/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Mission X-17
3/26/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Halfway Decent
3/26/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Court Case
3/25/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Postie Rips It Up
3/25/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on White Room
3/25/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Dead End
3/25/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Empathy
3/24/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Party of the Year
3/24/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Javan Rhinoceros
3/23/20173ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on Spongebob Quiz
3/22/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Career Story: IVEY Edition
3/22/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on ENERGY SYSTEMS
3/22/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Dad's Birthday Adventure
3/22/20173Steve24833Featured Comment on A Soldier's Wish
3/22/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on 1912
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Jack at the Tracks
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Survive the Zombies
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on A Cup of Tea
3/21/20171mizalForum Post
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Wolves
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Raceia
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Hey Look, It's a Zombie Apocalypse
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on all because of a breakfast sandwich
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Love Triangle
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Conquest: Chapter I
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Troubles
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Psychedelic
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Psychopathic Circus
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on In the Caverns
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Rainy mood
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on They murk in the darknes...
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Footink: Fantasy Cave City
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Weird Outcome
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Choose Your Own Madness
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on 331 Oakmount Drive
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Complete Catastrophe - A Game of Clue
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Indivisible
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Moribund School Day
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Splattered
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on A Picnic Lunch
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Drugs Wouldn't Stop The Nightmares, Chapter One.
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Time Machine Episode 2: The Dino World
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Flight of the boobook owl
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Anything for Momma
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on First Adventure!
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Bloodlines
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Celestial Lies: Chapter Two
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Frozen Bones
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Alone in the Forest
3/21/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Escape School
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Big Time
3/21/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Secret of the Mysterious Door
3/20/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Terra Proxima: First Strike
3/20/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Homo Perfectus: Mind Games
3/20/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Kick Dora's Butt!
3/20/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Extinction of the Neanderthals
3/20/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Secret Santa Story
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on My Life as a Magician
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Bob and His Adventure
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Bloods: Chapter 1
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Dragon Ages
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Friday Night
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Surviving the EBD Classroom
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on You!
3/19/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Arrival
3/19/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on War of Brothers
3/18/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Lost Island
3/17/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Nintendo Quiz
3/16/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Trivial True or False
3/16/20171mizalForum Post
3/15/20173mizalFeatured Comment on Nen Personality Test
3/14/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Murder at the Museum
3/14/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Animal
3/14/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Zombie Kill Squad
3/13/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Vocab #1
3/13/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Algebra Game
3/13/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Dressing The Part
3/13/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Lakepointe High
3/13/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Chess Master Stan!
3/13/20171mizalForum Post
3/12/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Epoch Coda
3/12/20171mizalForum Post
3/11/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Cat's Day
3/11/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Boy Who Died From Eating All His Vegetables
3/11/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on You are a Fish
3/10/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Spartan Life
3/9/20171SetoForum Post
3/9/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Ap Art
3/8/20171mizalForum Post
3/8/20171mizalForum Post
3/8/20171mizalForum Post
3/7/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Darkness
3/7/20171SetoForum Post
3/6/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Return to Vinia
3/6/20171mizalForum Post
3/6/20171mizalForum Post
3/5/20171SetoForum Post
3/5/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Would You Survive Daniel Wilson's Robopocalypse?
3/5/20171mizalForum Post
3/5/20171mizalForum Post
3/5/20171StrykerLForum Post
3/4/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Research Question
3/2/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Calvin and Hobbes Quiz
3/2/20171mizalForum Post
3/2/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Wolf Adventures
3/2/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The Life Of A Bull Terrier
3/2/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Calvin and Hobbes Quiz
3/2/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Attack on the Castle
3/2/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Broken Wings
3/2/20171mizalForum Post
3/2/20171TharaApplesForum Post
2/28/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Maintenance Systems
2/28/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Escape the Room 2
2/27/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/27/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Escape the Room
2/27/20171mizalForum Post
2/27/20171SetoForum Post
2/27/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on HIGHWAYS to HELL
2/26/20171mizalForum Post
2/26/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/26/20171mizalForum Post
2/26/20173StrykerLFeatured Comment on Extinct
2/25/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on The White Face
2/25/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Horsing Around
2/24/20171mizalForum Post
2/24/20171jep49Forum Post
2/22/20171JJJ-thebanisherForum Post
2/19/20171BerkaZerkaForum Post
2/17/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Aloe's Disappearance
2/17/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Blunder Brain Bob Baldwin of Baltimore In: No Escape
2/17/20171mizalForum Post
2/17/20171mizalForum Post
2/17/20171Steve24833Forum Post
2/17/20171mizalForum Post
2/16/20171mizalForum Post
2/16/20173mizalFeatured Comment on The Devourer
2/15/20171Steve24833Forum Post
2/14/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on You're Fired!
2/14/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on An Escape from Ruin
2/14/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/14/20171mizalForum Post
2/13/20171MayanaForum Post
2/13/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/12/20171mizalForum Post
2/10/20173StrykerLFeatured Comment on Prophecy
2/10/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/9/201775Steve24833Storygame: Prophecy
2/8/20171LNFyleForum Post
2/8/20171mizalForum Post
2/7/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/6/20171mizalForum Post
2/6/20171jep49Forum Post
2/6/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on You're the Bachelor
2/5/20171Steve24833Forum Post
2/5/20173SetoFeatured Comment on Jeremy Dillema
2/4/20171MayanaForum Post
2/4/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/4/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on The Devourer
2/4/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on The Hammer, The Eagle, and The Pig
2/2/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/2/20171StrykerLForum Post
2/2/20171SetoForum Post
2/2/20171mizalForum Post
2/1/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on Space World: Arcaneta
1/31/20171mizalForum Post
1/31/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on The Planetary Exploration Society
1/31/20173ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on The Devourer
1/30/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Devourer
1/30/201720StrykerLStorygame: The Devourer
1/30/20171Steve24833Forum Post
1/30/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on Broken Chains
1/30/20171jep49Forum Post
1/29/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on The Mountain Pass
1/29/20173Steve24833Featured Comment on Broken Chains
1/29/20173jep49Featured Comment on Broken Chains
1/29/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on How to Nurture and Care for your Princess
1/29/20173jep49Featured Comment on How to Nurture and Care for your Princess
1/28/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on Forest of Past Voices
1/28/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Find the King
1/28/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on No Quarter
1/27/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/26/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Hansel and Gretel's Great Escape
1/26/20173mizalFeatured Comment on Natures Great Void
1/25/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on A Day In The Life of A Slice of Bread
1/25/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/24/20173LNFyleFeatured Comment on The Lost Expedition (2)
1/23/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on Natures Great Void
1/23/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/23/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/23/20173JJJ-thebanisherFeatured Comment on In The Deep Of Night
1/22/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/22/20171BerkaZerkaForum Post
1/19/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Host
1/19/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Mall Adventure
1/19/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on In School Suspension
1/19/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/19/20171BerkaZerkaForum Post
1/19/20171LeoScales7Forum Post
1/19/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/19/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/19/20171mizalForum Post
1/18/20173mizalFeatured Comment on Unlikely Heroes
1/18/20173LNFyleFeatured Comment on 1984: Cog In The Machine
1/18/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Insane Asylum Part 2
1/18/20171LeoScales7Forum Post
1/18/20171Steve24833Forum Post
1/18/20173mizalFeatured Comment on 1984: Cog In The Machine
1/18/20173BerkaZerkaFeatured Comment on 1984: Cog In The Machine
1/18/20173MinnieKingFeatured Comment on Cancel the Kirby cartoon!
1/17/20173mizalFeatured Comment on When Lights Go Out
1/17/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on The Search For The Rumored Treasure
1/17/20173ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on How Much do You Know About xkcd?
1/17/20173ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on The Underground Railroad
1/17/20173ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on Mario Party Quiz!
1/17/20173ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on Seinfeld Trivia 1
1/17/20173ISentinelPenguinIFeatured Comment on A Long Walk Home
1/17/20171LeoScales7Forum Post
1/16/20171JJJ-thebanisherForum Post
1/16/20173LNFyleFeatured Comment on When Lights Go Out
1/15/20173SetoFeatured Comment on Fantasy Encounter
1/15/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Hive Mind
1/15/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on Zombieland
1/15/20171Steve24833Forum Post
1/15/20171ZagHeroForum Post
1/15/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on A Yearly Exam of Seasonfield High University
1/15/20173TharaApplesFeatured Comment on To Make a Sandwich
1/15/20171FazzTheManForum Post
1/15/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/15/20171mizalForum Post
1/15/20171mizalForum Post
1/15/20171mizalForum Post
1/15/20171StrykerLForum Post
1/15/20171StrykerLForum Post