Player Rating7.20/8

"#4 overall, #1 for 2007"
based on 9678 ratings since 10/09/2007
played 201,419 times (finished 11,936)

Story Difficulty8/8

"mosie through a minefield"

Play Length7/8

"It keeps going and going"

Maturity Level7/8

"anything goes"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.


Additional Notes:

This story is definitely more "story" than "game", however there are two distinct paths that can be followed, each with their own pitfalls and additional choices. There is also "one true" ending in which can be considered a "win" (You'll know if you got it, because you'll get an epilogue)

This story can get long, and assuming you're surviving, years do pass in it and you and your environment will change. There are a few points in the story where there are links that lead to more background information on various people and things. While not completely necessary to understand the story, they do give you more insight into it. The text that accompanies some of the pics are also done for similar purposes (Your journal entries, personal thoughts, letters written to you, etc)

Player Comments

This was a little different from some of EndMaster's other fantasy masterpieces in that there was clearly one true ending. However, it makes sense due to their only being one truly successful outcome for a necromancer such as the main character, and each path is still very entertaining.
I liked both of the two main branches, but I preferred the Dark Order path because having my guy become an unstoppable lich dude was just that awesome. That is my own preference more than anything though. Both are quality writing.
One thing I enjoyed in both paths was how the main character reacted to things, especially in the beginning. His, "Did you see how cool that was! This is awesome!" behavior was indicative of him just being some college kid who happened to be insanely powerful, and it somewhat mirrored my own reaction as a reader.

-- Cricket on 1/10/2019 6:45:43 PM
This is the first story I read in this site when I happily stumbled upon it a couple years ago, and it was the one that got me hooked to it. And after all this time, I still find it to be the best and most touching multiple choice story I have ever read.

I took the first way back then, and didn't play the other one up until now as I was so involved in the story I didn't want it to be any different. Needless to say, the second way is as good and interesting, and it also explores more in depth some of the characters of the first one.

Now with the real review:

I think that the most important thing in a narrative text are the characters. I find that good characters can justify a mediocre plot but that a good plot can't justify mediocre characters. The characters in Necromancer are all well crafted and have a personality, and as such they all feel like real individuals.

I can relate to the emotions felt by the main character, which helps in getting into the story and believing it, which is a big plus in this kinds of stories. In fact, I think that part of the special significance of this story to me is that I identify with it’s main character at some level. I’ve been there, and I’ve had those thoughts.

The plot of this story is pretty simple and straightforward, it being the necromantic career of the main character, but it succeeds in what it tries to do and it's interesting and overall well thought out. As with most of Endmaster's stories, it is a "vital" plot, as it is about the life of the main character rather than just a single story in it, and as such it deals with a lot of the topics a life has (war, love, family, sex, death, etc).

The feel of politics, warfare and intrigue and the choices to make in such fields are also very interesting. The choices are complete (as they included what I would do in those situations) and they can change the outcome of the story substantially. Such things are also very logical, as what would usually work in real life is what works in the story. It is, therefore, realistic.

Another important thing is the ending, as it can screw a good story without too much problems. Both of the major endings are satisfying and well thought out, and some of the dead ends are pretty satisfying and fun too.

It is important for a fictional world to have definite rules that are followed all the time; otherwise, it is inconsequential and its choices become just random luck. This isn't obviously the case with Necromancer, as the rules are clear and followed throughout the story.

Writing and vocabulary:
The vocabulary in Necromancer is rich and employs accurate wording, without ever feeling distant, cold or pompous. In fact, one of the best things about Endmaster’s writing is that it combines this sort of vocabulary with a closeness with the reader and some sarcastic smirks that makes his writing truly enjoyable despite it being opposed to mine (which feels long, tedious and is like basically reading your calculator’s instruction manual in Chinese).

Technical details:
An especially gruesome typo can be a distraction from the story, and a bad layout can make it unreadable. This of course doesn’t happen with Necromancer, as the layout is fine as it is. There are some typos and repeated words, but those are minor, scarce, and don’t detract from the story at all.

As I said in the beginning, I find this to be the best multiple choice story I have ever reed, although that is partially due to personal reasons. Analyzing it coldly, it may not be the best one, but it is certainly among them. I therefore give it an 8/8 (a 10 in my book), and I encourage everyone who hasn’t read it before to do so, it will be worth the time.

Also, thanks to Endmaster for writing such a masterpiece and giving it away for free. Your love for the art is truly commendable.
-- Martin_Silenus on 1/5/2017 6:26:27 PM
Wow... I must say that was truly an amazing read. Not something I would normally read, but I'm glad I stumbled across it. Took four hours to read as I basically had to read it twice (I went to hell hehe.) I loved the epilogue though. Leaves me something to ponder. Great story, Endmaster!! I look forward to reading your other stories...
-- breezy134 on 2/2/2016 6:07:44 AM
Is there going to be a continuation of this?
-- Agoodname on 4/13/2019 9:56:42 PM
This is an amazing game. I personally really enjoyed the Hell alignment path (even though there was no epilogue) as it really showed the more twisted sides of the main character. I strongly recommend this story. 8/8
-- C6H8O6 on 4/8/2019 10:18:07 PM
It was hard to get to the ending where you survive and do kill all but it was worth it and I hope you make more. As I would love to explore the multiverse and continue and see the possible choices.
-- Blank on 4/5/2019 12:07:28 PM
dear writer,
thank you for all your imagination and all your effort. I loved the game a lot! I love how descriptive, detailed and long it is.
sorry for my bad English :-)
-- mellowwind on 3/31/2019 1:35:39 PM
this was pretty good
-- oof on 3/28/2019 12:25:31 AM
Great game, love the illustrations.
-- Purr_Lure on 3/22/2019 2:43:30 PM
The end was not what I expected. I thought I was reaching the Epilogue, but alas. However, I think this is one of the many things End's works are famous for. They make you think you're on the right path, but then, boom you're really not. Never underestimate the power of EndMaster.

I'll be reading it again in the quest of an Epilogue, of course, but thought to share the thoughts so far any way. As previously stated elsewhere before, I'm shook. This was different and nothing like anything I've ever read before. I've had faced multiple failures in the game, but this one was the most... mind-boggling. Because, hey, I really thought I was doing good. I cry. But holy shiznuggets, wow. Every character was so well planned, and I had a hard time trying to understand them or predict what could they possibly do next; or rather what would End do next. I mean, never in a million years would I have thought BIG RED WAS COMING BACK! Like, that was my most favourite choice of going to him instead of the other evil Professor (who later killed me anyway after approaching him when Big Red 'died'), but noooo! I'm thinking maybe going to him should be the ideal choice after all. Hmm.. next game play would tell this. I think my most favourite person whose death I cherished was Velzix. He deserved that. Smart of the sister to do that. I loved the fact he was so delusional about the whole rebellion thing planned. Idiotic and funny, but awesome of him to post Hellbreeds in the demonic army. That was wonderful, I loved it. However, I was definitely not expecting her tormented soul to finally be released either. End is merciful and kind like that. Speaking of the sister, the transformation process was painful. Mainly because of the dad witnessing it all. I don't know, the whole dad part had me conflicted. I understand why was it done what was done and that his behaviour towards me was totally wrong and unacceptable, but I think I felt the real pinch when he cried during sister's transformation. Again, the story does an incredibly good job and covering a wide array of emotions and plots. I felt anger, intrigue (esp the eager "what next, what next," confusion, sadness, and the feeling of victory (which was ultimately shattered, but anyway. You get my point.))I was especially amazed by the plot development.

(A tip for new readers: what you think is true is probably not true in 99% of the cases. You're in for a wonderful, hooking adventure.)
-- Nehal on 3/21/2019 12:33:45 PM
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