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This year I plan to review at least a hundred story-games and point more peeps from off-site to the magnificence that is the work of EndMaster.

You should stop reading my profile and go on to do better things like read Necromancer or Death Song.

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There was a young man named Hill

Who thought live women quite shrill.

To the cemetery

He fled with heart merry,

 And went on to consume his fill.  


The sweet ambrosia did flow,

And with this dear Hill did show

That he was not sexist,

Nor very selective

In his choice of undead beau.  












Quotes, because I can: "Well so far Cricket is my favorite new CYSer. She answers my questions, she pisses off other people, insists on being argumentative and most importantly she praises me." --EndMaster

"I'd be more disgusted by Cricket's ignorance, except she's only punishing herself and so the proper emotion is pity" --Mizal

"Cricket why do you know so much about echhi?" --Digit

"Cricket's a platinum ace. Any interest she shows in sex of any kind is strictly for ironic purposes, so its okay" --EndMaster

"Cricket is a tsundere asexual lesbian who likes cougers." --WIBN

"I therefore infer that cricket is satan." --Someone Wise Beyond His Years

"Cricket, truly a daughter to be proud of." --EndMaster

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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Given by EndMaster on 04/03/2019 - To my only daughter, for going above and beyond with various tasks I assign. You have my thanks.


Sir Osis

It's about a time in the life of a knight named Sir Osis. There's a pony too

Winner of Sir Corgi's Lords of the Land contest.  Originally published April 14, 2019, but briefly unpublished for edits to the font and description.

This story is "Cave of Time" style. So just make use of that back button if you would like to see another path.  Please let me know what you thought of the story after you read it.  I appreciate comments.

"Sir Osis" is dedicated to my grandfather whom I never met.  Your granddaughter has an irreverent sense of humor.  

Special thanks to Ghost11 for the motivation, suggestion, and inspiration for one of the endings.  



The story of a noob who entered a writing contest.


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CYS: Vault Stories! on 6/16/2019 6:14:31 PM
Accurate. 8/8

Hello! (...again, I suppose) on 6/16/2019 4:15:37 PM
Note to include random sodomy of chickens in my next work

CYS: Vault Stories! on 6/16/2019 10:26:51 AM

crick crick crick crick
Mizal couldn't sleep.
crick crick
She hadn't let Cricket in, yet she was still tormented without rest every night.
crick crick crick
Was it a guilty conscience? Perhaps she missed the late night activity she had known Cricket for? Mizal was unsure. All she knew was THAT FUCKING INSECT REFUSED TO SHUT UP EVEN AFTER DEATH AND IF THIS WAS SOME NECROMANCER'S IDEA OF A JOKE THERE WOULD BE HELL TO PAY
crick crick crick

Inside the wall sat a cricket, overjoyed that she had managed to get to safety without protest from Mizal.

crick crick crick crick crick

The Adventures of Hunter Kajc on 6/16/2019 10:15:53 AM
Hunter shot the wolf in tje trap so that this whole nonsense would be over sooner. Then she got a sex change.

Happy Fathers' Day on 6/16/2019 10:08:58 AM
Hope you or your kids didn't forget, but it's Fathers' Day, folks.
I hope End has a good day today and doesn't even have to use his AK.
There are a lot more fathers on here that I know of than mothers, and I hope that you guys all have a good day too that is free from the usual yearly lectures on how you can be a better dad.

June Review Contest - WEEK THREE on 6/15/2019 2:14:40 PM

Week Three is going to be awesome.

The Ocean's Daughter
Length 5/8 -- 3 points

Wennipeg's List of Regrets
Length 5/8 -- 3 points

The Bard's Tale
Length 5/8 -- 3 points

Length 5/8 -- 3 points

The Adventures of Jach Kunter on 6/14/2019 11:16:35 PM
The hokey-pokey.

Why Are You Gay? (Pride Month) on 6/14/2019 5:40:30 PM
This box art thinks it's a man after it had reassignment surgery.

MUDs, motherfuckers, do you play them?! on 6/14/2019 4:46:51 PM
It sounds like a pretty cool concept and something I would have really enjoyed a lot had I known of it and had a computer a few years ago.

June Review Contest on 6/13/2019 11:14:18 PM
You forgot these classics:
I died.
Too short needed more words