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The Architects have a total of 398 Commendations.

Distinguished Members

1CrescentstarPre-Eminent 97
2Will11Esteemed and Exemplar75
3Ogre11Esteemed and Exemplar69
4EbonVasilisEsteemed 46
5ZakeEsteemed 20
14Killa_Robot Exemplar3
16march5th00 Exemplar3

Recent Commendation History

3/16/20181Ogre11Forum Post
3/16/20183DigitFeatured Comment on Dark Nights
3/16/20183ultraoverlordFeatured Comment on Dark Nights
3/3/20183ultraoverlordFeatured Comment on Adrift for SMS
2/17/20181ZakeForum Post
2/16/20183BunnyCatMouse99100Featured Comment on Post-Apocalyptic Empire
2/14/20183EbonVasilisFeatured Comment on TechNOIR
2/13/20183EbonVasilisFeatured Comment on FREE POINT!!!
2/9/20181Ogre11Forum Post
2/8/20183BunnyCatMouse99100Featured Comment on Sherlock Homes
2/8/20183BunnyCatMouse99100Featured Comment on Can you escape??
1/22/201836CrescentstarStorygame: The Lost Emperor
1/22/201829EbonVasilisStorygame: Magno
1/19/20183llImperatorllFeatured Comment on Saoirse
1/18/20183llImperatorllFeatured Comment on Robin
1/16/20183llImperatorllFeatured Comment on Custody Case
1/14/20181Ogre11Forum Post
1/13/20181ZakeForum Post
1/11/20183EbonVasilisFeatured Comment on The Ghost People
1/11/20183EbonVasilisFeatured Comment on Scum
1/10/20183EbonVasilisFeatured Comment on Saoirse
1/10/20183llImperatorllFeatured Comment on The Ballad of the Winter King
12/27/20171Ogre11Forum Post
12/13/20171Ogre11Forum Post
12/12/20173ZakeFeatured Comment on Hikikomori: An Adventure Outside
12/11/20171ZakeForum Post
12/8/20171ZakeForum Post
11/30/20171Ogre11Forum Post
11/27/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on Practice Simple Italian
11/25/20173QuincyFeatured Comment on That One Dream Again
11/25/20173ZakeFeatured Comment on Delve!
11/4/20171ZakeForum Post
10/31/20171EbonVasilisForum Post
10/15/20171ZakeForum Post
10/13/20173ZakeFeatured Comment on A Chosen Hero
10/11/20171Ogre11Forum Post
10/9/20171ZakeForum Post
10/8/20171ZakeForum Post
9/24/201737Ogre11Storygame: Spy Mission
9/16/20173AdroniusFeatured Comment on The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
9/13/20173TyrannosaurusrexFeatured Comment on Fireteam
9/13/20173TyrannosaurusrexFeatured Comment on Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter One
8/23/20173Martin_SilenusFeatured Comment on Apocalypse Yesterday
8/23/20173Martin_SilenusFeatured Comment on Paradise Violated
8/5/20173Martin_SilenusFeatured Comment on Vengeance
8/5/20171AducanForum Post
7/28/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on Mercenary Queen (Part 1): Escape from Essitrea
7/25/20171ZakeForum Post
7/17/20171ZakeForum Post
7/17/20171ZakeForum Post
5/11/20173march5th00Featured Comment on Three Hundred Thousand Tears
5/6/201726CrescentstarStorygame: Three Hundred Thousand Tears
4/20/20173AgentXFeatured Comment on Halfway Decent
4/19/20171FordForum Post
4/18/20173AgentXFeatured Comment on A Soldier's Wish
4/17/20173TaraGilFeatured Comment on Light Space
4/13/20173kyo787Featured Comment on The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero
3/30/20173AgentXFeatured Comment on The Ocean's Daughter
3/15/20173DigitFeatured Comment on Appearance vs. Reality
3/14/20171CrescentstarForum Post
3/12/20171puddlebunniForum Post
3/9/20173Will11Featured Comment on Survivors
3/8/20171Ogre11Forum Post
3/6/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on I Love You, My Sweet Kate
3/6/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on Personal Demons
3/6/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on Kaiju Domination: Episode 1- Godzilla
3/5/20171Will11Forum Post
3/4/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on Runes of Yeu
3/3/201731Will11Storygame: American Outlaws: The Dillinger Gang
3/1/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on Extinct
2/27/20171VirtualideForum Post
2/27/20171VirtualideForum Post
2/27/20171BannerlordForum Post
2/27/20171VirtualideForum Post
2/27/20171CrescentstarForum Post
2/27/20171Will11Forum Post
2/26/20171Ogre11Forum Post
2/22/20171Will11Forum Post
2/19/20171Will11Forum Post
2/17/20171BannerlordForum Post
2/16/20171betabandForum Post
2/12/20171Will11Forum Post
2/11/20171EbonVasilisForum Post
2/8/20171Ogre11Forum Post
2/7/201734Will11Storygame: American Outlaws: The Wild Bunch
2/6/20173Killa_RobotFeatured Comment on The Planetary Exploration Society
1/31/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on The Forsaken Dungeon
1/29/201721Ogre11Storygame: The Mountain Pass
1/28/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on Forest of Past Voices
1/22/20171Will11Forum Post
1/21/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on The Invasion of CYOA
1/18/20171Ogre11Forum Post
1/17/20173BannerlordFeatured Comment on Life of a Wizard
1/16/20171BannerlordForum Post
1/16/20173BannerlordFeatured Comment on New Kids, Old Kids, So Many Kids, in School!
1/15/20171Will11Forum Post
1/15/20173CrescentstarFeatured Comment on The Road: Carrying the Fire