Tales From The Basement

Player Rating5.86/8

"#62 overall, #2 for 2008"
based on 712 ratings since 06/25/2008
played 35,331 times (finished 1,104)

Story Difficulty4/8

"march in the swamp"

Play Length7/8

"It keeps going and going"

Maturity Level7/8

"anything goes"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Because Basement Dwellers are people too!

Additional Notes:

This story is three stories in one. Your first choice will lead to a separate tale of a different “basement dweller”. Each one is mostly different in tone.

Ebay Escapist is weird and random. It’s the least verbose of the three. (Or my stories in general)

Good Girl is the longest and most descriptive of the three. There is some weirdness going on here too, but is mostly kept much more in "reality". There is a cast of characters link in the beginning to help you keep up with who’s who.

Anime Addict has a lot of offensive language and humor, so if you don't like that sort of thing you shouldn’t read this one.

In all the tales there are several endings varying in degrees of good/bad/neutral outcomes. While there are some endings better than others, these are basically just tales of basement dwellers.

Player Comments

Your writing never fails to impress. I found all three paths of this story to be entertaining and amusing, as the writing never missed a beat, seriously. This story was fun to read the entire way through, and both the quality of the writing and humor remained consistent throughout each page.

I must admit that I found myself enjoying the Good Girl narrative the most. There was just so many characters that were full of life and each had their own interesting traits about them. It made for many interesting choices as to where the story could go, and where these choices went were all quite entertaining for me as the reader to experience.

How you manage to keep each path in your stories unique and fulfilling remains to be something that is rather awe-inspiring.

All in all, this was impressive storytelling as always. I enjoyed this very much, but enjoyment is something that I have come to expect from EndMaster's works.
-- TharaApples on 12/23/2016 3:07:50 AM
This story as a whole is pretty fucked up (in a good way) but that's to be expected of EndMaster, really. Props for making a game with so many different paths and endings whilst keeping every single one varied and entertaining.

Good Girl was probably my favourite main path. Each quirky member of Suzy's hilariously messed up and weird family is a brilliant character. I found that Suzy herself wasn't as interesting a character, though. I suppose it made the story better by having a relatively sane protagonist.
-- 31TeV on 9/11/2014 5:44:34 AM
Tales From the Basement was a very entertaining story to read. I especially liked how there's 3 unique characters to choose from, all with their own personal quests to leave the basement. The strongest character of the 3 was the girl's story; after all, her wacky family really made the storygame quite the page turner. The EBay dweller was the weakest, especially because there wasn't much to read about. The Anime dweller was an interesting story, but not as good as Suzy's. Overall a very unique style of writing. Definitely worth the read!
-- AppDude27 on 4/1/2014 11:46:52 PM
That anime part was accurate. Great now I'm feeling depressed. I think I'm gonna go dunk my face in a toilet or something...
-- ShoujoAddict on 10/23/2018 8:41:16 AM
-- Hat on 9/7/2018 2:13:03 PM
This game made me into a proper man. From now on, every morning I kneel in front of my PC to repent and thank the author profusely for my once inexorable path of sin.

Good game enjoyed it and had a laugh 10/2
-- OneEyedCloud01 on 8/14/2018 2:50:47 PM
so uh, I would give a thoughtful rating, but unfortunately on my first run of The Good Girl narrative, I took a wrong turn and my run ended quickly. but from what I read I really enjoyed it :)
-- foxyg1rl14 on 7/8/2018 9:17:09 PM
I read through a bit of each of the characters, and I played through every possible ending of Good Girl (mostly because I want to read the sequel and wanted to be in on all the possible references to this story). Lots of surprising twists as I assume are typical to EndMaster's writing (I haven't read a lot yet).
It's a pretty quick read if you only follow one path all the way to it's end (like maybe 20 mins?) so there's something to be say about the replayability of this story.
-- kcding on 7/5/2018 3:56:43 PM
The so called "anime addict" is more like a weird fat pedo weeb :)
-- Arcturus_Starz on 1/3/2018 4:52:30 AM
Lol 8/8 it was gr8 m8 Anime Addict plot is so funny... :)
-- Deadly Lion on 7/25/2016 5:54:37 PM
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