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I like to read and sometimes partake in some witchcraft here and there. Apples are also great, as they're good for consumption and being turned into juice, as well as various pastries. 

My name is Thara if you couldn't tell. A witch that was turned apple goddess by her own admission. Message me if you need help or if there's something fun you would like to discuss. I'm good for both and I have a wealth of knowledge on silly things.

Just don't forget to properly revere me in the process. Don't be nervous, I only bite occasionally and with warning of the incoming chomp.

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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points Earning 2,000 Points Rated 58.6% of all Stories Given by EndMaster on 01/07/2017 - To my only daughter, for all her assistance on various tasks I assign. You have my thanks.

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Underrated Storygames on 5/22/2017 7:23:51 PM

For the first time ever, you have angered me.

I hope you're proud of yourself, End. No amount of points can make up for this. 

Probably about 1k

No amount of points at all. Don't wait up for me at the dinner table tonight. 

Underrated Storygames on 5/22/2017 7:15:49 PM

I think Banner would argue that both threads could have coexisted in perfect harmony. Hmm, I would personally ask him about that later. Maybe.

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 5:44:10 PM

Not at all. That's why I'll continue being myself since there's less effort involved.

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 5:37:46 PM

Are you harboring romantic feelings for me?

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 5:22:53 PM

It's fine. Your post about currency gave me a good idea to possibly request in the feature wishing well. I was thinking if it would be probable to trade in points or commendations for fidget spinners as rewards on CYS. 

It seems quite ambitious, so I admit that I'm hesitant to do so.

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 5:16:51 PM

While that's good information to know, I was asking the Penguin man in the suit that question. 

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 5:13:15 PM

Translate this for me. Does this mean that I'm entertaining to you in some fashion? 

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 4:47:08 PM

I offer free tutor lessons, no worries. 

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 4:42:26 PM

Be sure to tell Sent that it's something I stole from mizal, please. 

Apparently I upgraded from dime-store to Pound-land, and I'm trying to move up the ranks before I become grandmaster here. 

Fidget Spinners on 5/22/2017 4:29:05 PM

You don't have to thank her again why replying to me, y'know.

Hmm, maybe you're in need of a fidget spinner.