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I could spend hours writing up a huge bio for my profile page, but to be honest, that feels a bit too much like procrastination right now.  Does anyone even read these things?  (Aside from me, of course.  I have this weird habit of clicking all the profile links under the "who's online" section of the site when I really should be being productive).


A summer in Maycome

This is a serious game based on the events of "To Kill A Mockingbird" By Harper Lee

This is a school project, so I have a deadline.  I can eventually add on to it if necessary.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last story game,  I really appreciate it.

Click items to pick them up.

May contain spoilers for the "To Kill A Mockingbird" book.

This story game is from the viewpoint of Dill from "To Kill A Mockingbird."   

Any options in quotes are options for you to talk.

In a Cave...

You are in a cave.

It is dark.

You cannot seem to remember how you got there.

What do you do?


This is my first Storygame, please enjoy


I am sorry for any grammar/mechanical errors I may have missed, please tell me about any you come across if it's not too much trouble.


The headings on the pages are only titles, and are not important to the story.


Rated 4 for some mild spooky ness.


Please enjoy!

The Hamburger Effect

Yesterday morning, a mysterious energy wave swept across the city, sending roughly half the population into inexplicable hallucinations and delusions. Hospitals overflowed with victims of mental trauma as government officials scrambled to find the source of the chaos. It was, as one reporter put it, "as if someone had spiked everyone's coffee with LSD."

Thankfully, most patients recovered quickly from their delusions, but there still remains a lingering fear that such an incident may occur again. Many theories float around as to the origin of these mysterious energy signals, ranging from terrorist attacks to alien invasion. Most speculations thus far are unfounded, but your department of the FBI seems to have found something that may just point towards the truth of what really happened that clear winters day. With satellite footage, your department has pinpointed the epicenter of the wave. A lonely little McDonalds near the edge of the city limits.



- Uncover the dark secrets of the McDonalds empire

- Solve puzzles to unlock new areas and interactions

- Explore the parts of McDonalds you never knew existed



the Hamburger Effect (Old, outdated version).

NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT.  (Actually this is more likely to make you avoid McDonalds than anything.  So if you're eating any of their food while reading this... go finish it first).


You know what sounds good right about now?  MCDONALDS!  So it's a really good thing there's one right down the street from your school because now you've started thinking about it, you just can't stop.  The only thing that will satisfy you is some of those AMAZING fries and DELECTABLE meats.  Who wouldn't want some of the finest food America has to offer?  So grab a friend and head over there for some really good eats.  I mean... what could POSSIBLY go wrong.

Rated 3 for being to complex for a five year old to comprehend.  You should probably grab a notebook and a pencil because I'm NOT gonna make this easy.  Also you should really try it more than once.  There are a couple choices that completely change the game.


0:  You never got past the introduction

1:  The true game finally begins

2:  At long last... the best ending  (yes, there IS a best ending).

3:  ...

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New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 7/9/2019 4:53:43 PM

Count me in!  This should be fun.  

New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 7/9/2019 4:24:31 PM

Does my protagonist/POV character have to be the lone hero, or can they be someone else interacting with them on their journey?  The plot would still revolve heavily around this lone hero, the story just wouldn't be from their perspective.

Running into problems scripting a puzzle on 12/27/2018 2:19:27 PM


Oops, sorry.  I'm a total idiot.  i put it as  $DEST := @P%LASTPAGEID.  Thanks for all the help!

Next time I should actually re-read the article instead of relying on memory, lol

Running into problems scripting a puzzle on 12/27/2018 12:10:59 PM

The link script looks something like this:


I tried putting the @P in front of the variable, but that didn't work.  Sorry I couldn't explain it a bit better, it's hard to articulate. 

Running into problems scripting a puzzle on 12/26/2018 2:54:21 PM

Where would I put the @ in that script?

Running into problems scripting a puzzle on 12/26/2018 2:24:43 PM

The variable is only supposed to be restricted if the button has been pressed the required amount of times, but if the wrong one is pressed, the puzzle should reset.  I just set the link to add one to the variable each time it is pressed, then used conditional statements in the scripting to tell it to reset if certain buttons hadn't been pressed before.  Now that I'm putting it in writing I realize it might just be a problem with the fact that I'm not scripting the whole thing.  Before I go test that, do you know if that might be a problem?  

As for the error, it says "object reference not set to an instance of an object." 

Running into problems scripting a puzzle on 12/26/2018 1:33:27 PM

This is a bit complicated, so I'll try my best to explain.  At one point in my current storygame, the player is given a puzzle box they're supposed to open in order to progress.  It has six buttons which each have to be pushed a certain number of times.  The catch is, each button can only be pressed after certain other buttons have been pressed, (unless it's the first one to be pressed).  For example, button A can only be pressed right after button B or C has been pressed, or else the puzzle resets.  I've been using variables to track how many times each button has been pressed, but for some reason they're not working.  They just sit there at zero, no matter what link is pressed.  

As if that wasn't enough, when I try to put the box away it just gives an error message.  (It uses a LASTPAGEID variable and sets the DEST to it when the back link is pressed).

Any suggestions?  If need be I can paste the scripting into this post, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.  (There's a lot of it).

Allow MINOR edits to storygames after publication. on 7/1/2017 12:24:44 AM

Yes, I know we don't want a bunch of unfinished stories on the site, but what if there was an option to edit preexisting pages, links, items, e.t.c.  That way, if there is a problem with your story, like a broken variable, items not appearing, or grammatical problems, you can go back and fix them even after the story is published.  This would greatly improve the quality of stories on this site, as people wouldn't have to go through the trouble of taking them down, losing any ratings or comments they may have accumulated, then republishing them.  The only thing that wouldn't be allowed is creating new pages, therefore eliminating any unfinished stories.

Random thing I just wrote. on 6/29/2017 5:21:45 PM

This just sort of... happened.  Feedback?


The wind driven rain slaps me in the face, soaking me through to the bone.  I am weak, tired, and alone.  The storm surges around me, the waves wait to claim me, the salt stings my eyes.  A flash of lightning, a clap of thunder, all in the space of a split second, seem to take hours.  I am suddenly struck by the beauty of it all, the waves like hills on a desert plain, the lightning like roots growing downward into the soil, the rain shining like diamonds, perfectly cut and reflecting the last drop of sunlight the day has to offer.  In that moment, my shoulders relax and my hands loosen on the rudder.  An overwhelming sense of peace overtakes me, and I take a breath, enjoying the cool, clear air brought by the rain.  The clouds part slightly, a few rays of sunlight bursting through the clouds in the distance.  Lightning strikes near the light, and again, I see it as if it is in slow motion.  A faint rainbow appears, growing more vibrant every second, and I see a man standing on the water.  At his voice the waves calm, the rain stops, the thunder quiets, and the winds cease.  Now all that remains is the sun, setting into the sea.


v20170001 Update on 1/10/2017 11:37:07 AM

I to am a warden