Player Rating6.44/8

"#29 overall, #7 for 2011"
based on 1594 ratings since 07/27/2011
played 52,149 times (finished 2,027)

Story Difficulty6/8

"wandering through the desert"

Play Length7/8

"It keeps going and going"

Maturity Level7/8

"anything goes"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Running the family business isn't easy!

Additional Notes:

In a few places there are links for history or certain characters. While not necessary to understand the story, they do provide further background information.

There are several endings varying in degrees of good/bad or neutral outcomes. Technically there is one very happy ending, but it isn't labeled as such.

Player Comments

I absolutely loved that. It was tons of fun. The story, while forgettable, does what its supossed to do: Set a setting for you to make the decisions, and make these decisions as tough as possible. Because they really, really are tough sometimes. You feel every bit of tension when the world seems to be falling on top of the main character, and you feel really satisfied when you make the right decision and manage to keep the business afloat. Really good, real nice.
-- JossieMime on 8/11/2016 3:48:13 PM with a score of 0
A very enjoyable and satisfying game. Ever decision feels like it has importance and weight. My first playthroughs gave me satisfying and happy endings. When I played through the game a few more times to see what could have happened, I suddenly became very glad of the choices I made earlier but felt they were appropriate directions in the story. Overall, it was fun.
-- TaraGil on 10/27/2013 11:24:45 PM with a score of 0
Woo-hoo! Consequence free life of insanity and sadism! Yeah!

Anyway, I really liked this game, and while I found that for every decision you make you automatically make several others (which was annoying) it was still good.

I've found the majority of the endings, if not all of them, and I really liked how the story branched out. While you don't find many 'good' endings (if you can call the ending I just got good) the bad endings can be just as interesting.
-- Forge on 4/4/2012 8:11:41 PM with a score of 0
It does a good job at each mini ending that fleshes out the results and hints at what could have happened if you picked the other choices.
-- jep3 on 8/18/2018 10:40:35 AM with a score of 0
interesting tale
-- AlexanderFalkor on 6/18/2018 12:33:04 AM with a score of 0
Pretty sure I got the best ending. Saved the inn, became a doctor, got with Eliza, lived happily with twins. True, we lost the inn at the end, but it was a great game
-- nm13757 on 4/28/2018 10:18:40 AM with a score of 0
Pretty fun
-- Delta on 3/21/2018 11:40:47 PM with a score of 0
Short but good.
-- ResilientSorrow on 2/26/2018 11:49:35 PM with a score of 0
bruh I can't win
-- Jakethebro on 2/21/2018 5:30:18 PM with a score of 0
its entertaining and very enlightning
-- boox on 2/12/2018 5:27:18 AM with a score of 0
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