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Entry for the Lone Hero Contest. This story follows the adventures of man called Morcant, tasked with protecting the town of Seameet. 

Night-time Adventures

It is a typical night at home. How boring. Let's see what there is to explore!

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Tally Ho, Chapter Two on 9/16/2019 7:38:33 AM

3. Here's to hoping Alfred has enough brains to pull it off. If not, then we get ourselves an entertaining read. 

CYOA video? on 9/15/2019 9:16:24 PM

Wow I had completely forgotten about this. Gave 7 year old me some pretty gnarly nightmares lol

Tally Ho, Chapter Two on 9/14/2019 6:43:51 PM

Option 2. The woman sounds like a witch, no thank you.

Tally Ho, Chapter Two on 9/14/2019 6:51:47 AM

Option 2. Got to save that money, but we're not a peasant. 

Tally Ho, Chapter Two on 9/13/2019 9:19:18 PM

gonna go with option 1

Let's Play: Tally Ho, by Gower on 9/13/2019 8:21:03 AM

2 ftw

Let's Play: Tally Ho, by Gower on 9/13/2019 6:24:30 AM

1. (No homo)

Introduction. on 9/2/2019 11:33:42 PM

not the goods send help asap before we all die of measles 

Introduction. on 8/30/2019 8:32:12 PM

Greetings from across the ditch

CYS Book Club: Book Three on 8/26/2019 11:25:24 PM

Currently drowning in schoolwork, so I'll probably have to sit this one out :(  I'll get to it if I have the chance but otherwise I'll just join back in next week if that's alg