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I love New Zealand and I am WAY too proud of my country. But it really is the best.

I'm 15 and write as a way to keep my mind off things. I also love reading, especially crime and thriller. If you have come across any good books in these genres, let me know! I really appreciate feedback on what I write and will take it all onboard to try and make myself a better writer. 

Currently I'm working on a little random story to get the hang of choose your own adventure writing :)




Night-time Adventures

It is a typical night at home. How boring. Lets see what there is to explore!

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Lord of the Rings on 1/18/2019 5:07:15 AM


As a country we are very proud of being the filming location! In fact the airport in our capital city has Smaug, which is almost the same size as in the films placed in the entranceway as well as a giant Gollum hanging from the ceiling! Gollum is about 12m long and actually quite scary as he looks down at you. There is also two giant eagles from the ceiling with a 15m wingspan, one of which carries Gandalf. 

The Shire is really quite amazing. Sir Peter Jackson's attention to detail is incredible- he even paid people to walk in between clothing lines to make it look like it was in use. It is just like how it is in the films, I was half expecting to se Bilbo or Frodo come around the corner. As for costumes, heaps of the staff dress up, but tourists go all out with elf costumes, wizard costumes and of course hobbit costumes. It isn't so much a cash making thing- its more that we are insanely proud of being the location and take joy in sharing the amazing sets. 

Personally, I think it is pretty cool that I can say I have conquered Mt Doom!


Lord of the Rings on 1/16/2019 3:24:12 PM

You definitely should visit the places! They don't disappoint and you can do the Tongariro Crossing- which is very safe and popular- and you can go to Mt Doom (Mt Ngauruhoe)! The Shire is awesome, it is a complete set, not halfdone backdrops and it really felt like it was real and hobbits lived there. Exploring the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings locations also brings you to the most stunning places in New Zealand, like the Sounds/ Fiordland


Edit: Oops, didn't realise how old this thread was eek

A Good Ruler on 1/16/2019 3:04:26 PM

This looks really cool, I love the maps! It is obvious a lot of thought and effort has gone into this already and the plot looks interesting and unique. Good luck with it

Moon landing on 1/15/2019 3:15:03 PM

Thank you so much for your feedback, I agree completely. I did find it quite hard to write this due to the fact that it is obviously all wrong hence why it probably came off so weak to you. Also, I did come up with that last sentance myself, just thought I’d claim that.

Moon landing on 1/14/2019 6:18:47 PM

Oh dear,  guess my research was really off then yikes. I’ll make sure to cross check my sources in the future. Thanks for the positive comments and the review I really appreciate your feedback.

Moon landing on 1/14/2019 6:17:03 PM

I was kind of writing it as a speech hence the.... You’re right I probably should’ve changed that. I didn’t know about the not starting sentences with numbers, thanks for pointing that out I’ll make sure to remember that. I tried to write it in a tone that suggested I was right, but perhaps too much I guess. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this! 

Moon landing on 1/14/2019 6:13:57 PM

Ah, makes sense. So if I had quoted some astronomer, it would improve my argument? 

Moon landing on 1/14/2019 4:02:51 PM

No, never heard of him. I just have a love of conspiracy theories. On the physically impossible note I guess my research was wrong, oops. Thank you for your feedback, it is really appreciated :)

Moon landing on 1/14/2019 3:18:10 PM

This piece is a speech I planned out a while ago but never ended up writing. The points discussed in it may not reflect my actual ideas on the moon landing, I just thought it would be a bit of fun.




‘One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’. We’ve all heard this before. It was July 20th, 1969. What a day and what an achievement- the first and only time mankind has landed on the moon. 600 million people gathered around their radios, televisions and whatever they could find to watch this historic event- some even booked themselves into hotels to get access to a TV. That’s just how amazing it was. The effect in America was overwhelming- Americans were instilled with nationalism and pride in their country like never before, kids had dreams to aspire towards and overall it was just very uplifting to see hopes and dreams being fulfilled, the impossible finally seemed possible, a world of opportunities opened, and space travel seemed so much more attainable there would be new worlds to discover, new technology- AND

It was all fake. 

Have you ever wondered why no one has ever been back in 49 years? I’ll tell you why- because it’s impossible. The footage of the moon landing is undeniably fake, as well as many points about how it is physically impossible to travel to the moon and of course how the Americans just wanted plain old fame and to beat their Russian rivals. 

If you went to the moon, you would need video footage to prove it wouldn’t you? Exactly what the crew of Apollo 11 thought. However, they should have spent more time editing their video footage as it is clearly fake. Let me tell you just three of the many mistakes they made in their fake footage. 1: That proud moment when the American flag was planted and fluttered gently in the breeze……. That’s impossible. How could the flag flutter in the breeze if there isn’t any air, meaning no wind? 2: People noticed in the moon footage there was a perfect letter C on a rock. It seems exactly like what a film crew would do to label their props. NASA tried to cover this up by saying it was a stray hair…… no one had ever been to the moon before them, and how could hair escape those humongous space suits? Finally, In the footage of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, you can see clear footprints left in the ground. The Apollo crew described the surface of the moon “Like talcum powder or wet sand”. If that is true, you would think the rocket ship landing on the moon would create a massive impact on the ground, just like the footprints. Instead no impact at all could be spotted around the ship, which came off as a little strange. 

All this evidence of fake footage clearly shows that the video was fake, but they still could’ve gone to the moon and just recorded on Earth so they had proof, right? No. There are many reasons why travelling to the moon is impossible such as the Van Allen Radiation belt held in place above Earth by its magnetic field. The Apollo missions marked the first and only attempts to transport humans through it. Even with the layers of metal protecting the astronauts they still should have been cooked. NASA has once tried to send a German Shepard through this belt, but the poor dog ended up getting cooked to pieces. It is also a bit strange that way back in the 60s NASA were able to build a top class rocket that somehow did the impossible. Today we have amazing technology like facial recognition, electric cars, internet, nanotechnology and cloning but somehow with all these advances we haven’t managed to go back? 

Now, if you’re anything like me your next question will be why? What was NASA’s motive? Well, after World War 2 both the Soviets and the Americans hired top rocket scientists and the Space Race began. The Russians won everything- put the first satellite into orbit, got the first man into space and got the first man to orbit the Earth. The Americans were embarrassed at being so far behind of their rivals and worked extra hard to earn the achievement of being the first on the moon. They were so far behind the Russians in the Space Race, yet somehow they managed to beat them to the moon. It seems a bit unlikely to me for them to win all that fame and glory after the Russians achieved everything else before them. They were just desperate to beat them and faked it all. The ‘successful’ mission, Apollo 11 came after 9 deaths of American astronauts in the previous attempts. 9 lives lost certainly isn’t something to be proud of, as well as billions of dollars in rocket equipment. Finally achieving something from these severe downfalls would be a an efficient way of switching public opinion on NASA and bring positive media attention. And I must say, it worked.  Also, if the Russians were so close why haven’t made it to the moon either. Hmmm maybe because you can’t. No-one has. That’s one small step for a man, one giant lie for mankind.

Flying on 1/14/2019 2:47:16 PM

Robert was a fisherman. Not as a job, but as a hobby. He loved fishing, loved the sea, loved his boat. He had his own little spot, right by the cliff. There weren’t too many fish, but to be brutally honest Robert would only go fishing to get away from the crazy, loud sounds of the city. And he did. He was finally alone, just him, the occasional fish and the big, blue sea that stretched for miles behind his back. Sometimes Robert would bring his daughters out on the boat with him, but he didn’t think they liked it. Too boring they said. Too boring and too lonely. 


Bailey hadn’t been happy in a long, long time. But standing on the edge of a cliff facing the sunset Bailey felt like she was flying. The only thing that saddened her was that she wouldn’t see her family in a while. But hopefully the note she left would console them. It wasn’t like she’d really been Bailey in a while anyway. She’d been this other-thing. Sad, depressed, lonely. But now? She was happy. She was flying. Just like a bird. 


Robert didn’t often encounter other people by his cliff. It was hard to get to, not worth the walk to most people these days. In the rare times that he did see people, they were usually couples that stayed for the amazing sunset. So when a small figure appeared at the cliff, Robert was a bit confused.


Bailey smiled at the sun. Her agony was going to end. Forever. She shuffled forward towards the end and looked down at the rocks. Would she pass out before she hit them? No. She wouldn’t them. She would fly.


Robert peered anxiously up at the cliff. This little girl reminded him of his daughters. She was behaving very strange, Robert thought. Almost as if she was going to jump. “Please don’t jump please don’t” Robert murmured as he turned his boat around towards the cliff. 


I’m going to do it.

Robert gasped and drew the boat closer. “Oh my god she’s going to jump!” he shrieked. “No….” but it was too late.


I’m flying into the sunset. I’m sorry Leila. I’m sorry Mum. I’m sorry Dad. But I’m happy now. Flying, flying flying...


Tears ran down Robert's cheeks. ‘Maybe she is still alive’ he thought but he had little hope as he snatched up his phone and called the emergency services.