Alpha Wolf

Player Rating6.26/8

"#42 overall, #7 for 2007"
based on 573 ratings since 11/03/2007
played 23,170 times (finished 702)

Story Difficulty6/8

"wandering through the desert"

Play Length7/8

"It keeps going and going"

Maturity Level7/8

"anything goes"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Old monsters never die, they just get meaner.

Additional Notes:

There are history links for each monster (In the form of your character's memories) and while not neccessary to understand the story, they do provide deeper background. Ignore whatever you might know about various old movie monsters, you'll find that most of their histories are much different in this story.

You may find that this story has a movie feel to it which is appropriate considering the characters involved. The langauge (and violence) can get graphic sometimes, so if you don't like that sort of thing, you probably shouldn't read it.

Finally this isn't really a "win/lose" type story, however there are definitely good/bad/neutral endings. A few endings are even "really good" though they won't be spelled out as such.

Player Comments

I really liked this one, though it doesn't feel like it has the depth of world building as some of your other stories, I find there is a lot of charm to your rendition of our classical horror figures and how they have become immersed in the 'real' world. I found all the history pages were well worth the read even though they imparted no choices.
-- Mynoris on 12/22/2017 7:45:57 PM
A truly enjoyable experience. While I was sad to be a past-my-prime wolf, I really felt the enjoyment of getting back into the fight with my character. Although I must say you tend to make me be a man so often I think I'm growing an extra body part.
-- Skysworne on 7/28/2013 1:15:36 AM
The memories addition added a lot. It felt like a story with different scenarios more than a game, but there's nothing wrong with that, and for its purposes, it worked out well. The game seems like a bit of a tease, learning about all these monsters, but not really getting involved in the world. (At least the playthrough that I experienced) Thanks for putting so much thought into this game's characters.
-- Melike on 4/4/2008 12:50:48 AM
this was good and dude it was okay but you write better than the storygame escape room two and i rated yours a six and it was nice horror
-- i am not bored on 3/16/2018 10:48:17 AM
The first time I read this story was probably two years ago.
I remember going to read 'just one more branch' at 3:00 AM, New Year's Day.

I like the mad scientist branch in particular.
-- Cricket on 2/16/2018 12:50:43 AM
I would just like to say how much I would like to have been in the game in real life :D
-- Jesza on 12/8/2017 6:27:18 AM
Excellent storyline. The background information is aplenty and very helpful too.
-- TheONeLol265 on 8/9/2017 8:15:08 AM
Great story! Dude that was so good! Many choices, great characters, and my favorite story line is meeting Lawerence and staying for the night at the character's son's house (Lawerence), and it is kinda long but its worth reading it. (also MARTIANS!?)
-- ShadowTiger on 4/5/2017 11:14:36 PM
Oh my god haha that was violent.
-- Himario on 11/23/2016 11:10:35 PM
It was great! Great ending, great plot, great characters
-- FletchG-Rates on 7/7/2016 7:17:47 AM
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