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So my goals on this site: create a story game that's actually ranked at least a 6, get a trophy, and win approval from my favorite contributor on this site. Granted I'll probably fail at these three things, but still.

I got the trophy! And a commendation from my favorite author! Only one more goal to go!

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Halloween Fright

A short horror story where you're hazed on Halloween night. While others are trick-or-treating, you're involved in a fight for your life.

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CYS History (Sorta) on 4/7/2020 6:12:48 AM

Where exactly does my character come into all this history? I definitely remember popping up a few times for brief moments, before disappearing back into the woodwork.

New story idea on 10/9/2019 6:30:13 PM

Yeah, the shitty quiz was only because I didn't finish my original story in time, and I figured a half-assed entry was better than shame. I plan to eventually complete it, but I figured, hey I already have to deal with a soul sucking vagina demon in the form of my baby's mom, so why not take a break from Succubi and do something a little more lighthearted?

New story idea on 10/9/2019 5:31:14 PM

So I've been writing a new story where the protagonist is a ghost working as a guardian angel/poltergeist, depending on choices made, but I want it to be better then my 2016 story, Halloween Fright. One of the main complaints about that story, aside from its' length, is that in certain scenes, the story is overtly graphic and vulgar without contributing to the plot, like something a 12-year-old edgelord virgin would write. Therefore, I'd like to share an excerpt from my new story, explaining how our protagonist ended up dead in the first place, and get some feedback as to whether or not it sounds like something that could be reasonably entertaining in a story without actually taking away from the story. So, here it is:                                                                                                                            

It all happened so fast.


Once upon a time, everything had been normal. You had a beautiful wife, a high-paying insurance job, a house in the suburbs, the real American dream. You were happy. You were content.


But your wife sure as fuck wasn't! At least, that's what she told you when you came home to find her being railed from both ends by the local Mormon missionaries! Then one of the bastards had the fucking nerve to look up at you from YOUR couch, while still inside YOUR wife, and say the words that lead you on the path you are today:


"Um... good evening, sir. Would you like to hear about the teachings of Joseph Smith?"


Screaming in outrage and swearing obscenities, you stormed into the kitchen, and began dialing the police.


"What are you doing?" your wife shrieked, running in after you.


"What am I doing?" you yelled back. "I'm getting the Mormon fucks that banged my wife out of my house!"


"How dare you! They're missionaries of God!"


"Oh yeah, they seem real fucking charitable! Real paragons of virtue, those two!"


"I HATE YOU!" your wife screamed. "You never show me any affection or take me anywhere anymore! You're working all the goddamn time!"


"Yeah!" you yelled back. "To pay for the house that you apparently fuck Mormons in, you shallow whore!"


With that, your not-so-faithful wife threw your wedding ring down the drain. Fitting, seeing as how in a way, that ring was the symbol of your marriage. You should've just walked away, grabbed your things, beat up the fucking Mormons with your trusty baseball bat you kept under the bed, and left your wife forever.


But that ring cost three grand! So, like a complete dumbass, you stuck your arm down the drain while screaming at your wife about how that ring was more expensive then her sorry ass. Your wife, having a complete mental breakdown, did the ultimate bitch move yet.


She turned on the garbage disposal.


"ARGGGGGGGHHHHH!" you scream.


"I FUCKED THE MAILMAN TOO!" your wife screams.


"HOLY SHIT! I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE!" one of the Mormons scream.


And that's the last thing you knew.

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/31/2019 12:42:40 AM

Cool! Also, in the future, I think I'll actually write the story BEFORE I join the contest.

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/31/2019 12:32:19 AM

Actually, that begs the question: why were they banned? Also, since me and oracle were the "succubus experts" on the other thread and he got shamed, does that mean I'm the only succubus expert now?

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/30/2019 5:47:02 PM

Cool, thanks!

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/30/2019 10:22:08 AM

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/30/2019 10:17:38 AM

So to keep my ass out of the fire, can I just put the link to the quiz thing up here and accept my loss?

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/30/2019 10:16:10 AM

The quiz one is the one I can't publish, apparently you can't publish a story until 2 days after you started it.

As for the other story, it's a combination of procrastination, working at my job, and trying to get visitation for my kid because my baby's mom doesn't want to upset her beloved he/she by being around me too much.

EndMaster's Succubus Story Contest on 7/30/2019 10:00:21 AM

Fuck, I can't publish it! Also, I couldn't finish my story in time, so I made a quiz with questions about succubus entities and lore. Since a quiz technically counts as a 'Everything Else' storygame, and you DID say you didn't care how we wrote it, I'm assuming it's a valid entry?