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I'm this site primarily to read stories. Every once and awhile I may spend time on story game.

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Famous Bad Touch People Thread on 12/3/2018 7:48:00 PM
Even his refutation is condescending.

Big Fat Cheaters! on 11/5/2018 4:13:45 PM
If someone can't stay authentic with a SO of all people, then they lack loyalty in the most extreme sense. Wtf is wrong with people. Excellent trolling, of course.

My OCD and Ratings on 9/19/2018 3:54:54 PM
Your story is rated 6.02. That's really good. You're one of the great writers of the site. It's totally understandable that you'd be worried or self-conscious of this, but I think you're overthinking this. You have a lot of skill.

The use of Metaphor by Kerouac and Virgil on 9/18/2018 5:35:14 PM

User of a Username: Inspiration on 9/17/2018 10:05:39 PM
I don't fuckin' know.

New Tags on 9/10/2018 8:30:36 PM
The fact that people are treating you negative should show you how fucking ridiculous you are. You need to fucking get over yourself, Danaos, Sicarri, whatever the fuck you call yourself.

New Tags on 9/10/2018 7:55:11 PM
There's a reason why people have been calling Danaos a fucking retarded sociopath for years.

New Tags on 9/10/2018 7:53:55 PM
The fact that you act like such a fucking cunt to Corgi and Sabley of all people shows how fucking autistic you are. You should stop LARPing Chris Chan go fuck a cheese grater.

Good news everyone! on 9/9/2018 3:31:50 PM
Hard work!

Pedo Mod Kiel Farren on 9/4/2018 8:01:02 PM
Consensual? Are you fucking insane? He groomed them.