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Removing the restraints

This is the sequel to Roads of Resistance. If you haven't played it yet, this game might be confusing.

A mysterious key. A strange group with a history veiled in secrets. It's time for you to finally break the limits, explore the hidden parts of the world, but to do that, you have to escape... or die trying. 

Be vigilant, as strange things occur in your school. Remember that the simplest of choices could lead to different outcomes, and clues are often given throughout the story.

Roads to resistance

You are chosen to be the guardian of a priceless tool. It is up to you to deliver it to a strange group you have never heard of before - the resistance. The duty is thrust upon you suddenly, as well as the burden of saving the Earth from itself. Also, you have to survive in order to find freedom. Confused yet? Well, read to find out.

Note: This is my first game, and it is kind of based on a strange dream I had. It revolves around a fantasy idea, but this might also be considered a modern adventure. I would appreciate some advice about how to improve for future storygames. Anyways, hope you enjoy it!  Also, feel free to comment, give feedback, and notify me if there are any issues. I am thinking about writing the next part soon, but this really took a long time to finish so I doubt the next one would be released anytime soon.