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I'm just your typical princess warrior - skilled in sword fight from horseback and three different types of martial arts. Thanks to those boring ballroom dancing classes from back in my days at the castle, I can single handedly kill you while performing the waltz and balancing a heavy crown on my head. Not that any of you have given me a reason to...


My past

Castle life was not for me. Stuffy silk scarves suffocated me, depriving me of much needed air. The lessons were not so much based on virtues and knowledge as much as they were about appearing regal in the eye of the public. The only thing I enjoyed was the books. They had the power to transport me to worlds beyond, without me ever needing to jump into one of the king's gold lined carriages, or one of the secret portals the castle magician always used. So one day, when my so called 'parents' were off on another of their seemingly endless voyage, I stole a couple of books, a few of my tiaras and jewels to sell or give to the less fortunate, some provisions for the trip, a trinket known as computer (one of the magician's latest trophies which he claimed was from the future) and mounted my horse. The newest in my collection was a book about warriors. Hmmm... a group of people who enjoyed fighting, freedom, and horseback riding. Might as well give that a try! So I began a journey of my own...


Discovering this website

A click. A tap. Several more. My fingers flew across the keyboard, my ideas appeared across the screen. After using the computer for quite some time, I found out about amazing things such as online books and something called 'Word', an application where I could type out stories. Then, I came to this site. A place where I would be able to read stories, but you could actually choose what happens! It was then I realized the adventures that could be written. After the adventure I knew as 'The Invasion', where a group of brave adventurers visited my land (although they claimed it was a different world), I decided to write all about it. It was the perfect tale, full of near-death experiences and misadventures. After I convinced them to tell me their story, I decided to add a few choices here and there, which resulted in my upcoming series, which is currently still unpublished. Another tale I'm writing is based on a childhood book of mine, and I am exploring the many choices that could have been made.

 If you honestly read this whole thing until the end, I applaud you.

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Cinderella's adventure

Cinderella. One story, hundreds of adaptations, and here I am about to do another. What could happen? Well, Cinderella could have found happiness without marrying the prince. What might change if she did not meet the Fairy Godmother but instead an Unfair-y Witchmother? Or perhaps she was able to escape with both glass slippers. This story involves a lot of branching, and seems like it would take a long time to make.

Removing the restraints

This is the sequel to Roads of Resistance. If you haven't played it yet, this game might be confusing.

A mysterious key. A strange group with a history veiled in secrets. It's time for you to finally break the limits, explore the hidden parts of the world, but to do that, you have to escape... or die trying. 

Be vigilant, as strange things occur in your school. Remember that the simplest of choices could lead to different outcomes, and clues are often given throughout the story.

Roads to resistance

Three keys. Two worlds. One portal.

You are chosen to be the guardian of a priceless tool. It is up to you to deliver it to a strange group you have never heard of before - the resistance. The duty is thrust upon you suddenly, as well as the burden of saving the Earth from itself. Also, you have to survive in order to find freedom. Confused yet? Well, read to find out.

Note: This is my first game, and it is kind of based on a strange dream I had. It revolves around a fantasy idea, but this might also be considered a modern adventure (which genre should this be in?). Feel free to give feedback, although bear in mind that I spent a lot of effort on this and so be careful with criticism... what am I saying? If you absolutely despised this game, go ahead and say so. I would, of course, prefer if you tell me why so that I may be able to improve. Notify me if there are any issues, problems with links, etc. 

This took a long time to write (I'm talking months, with the inclusion of procrastination, writer's block, examinations...and life.) so I guess you can kind of expect a long wait before the sequel is published. Anyhow, I'll try to get it done ASAP. What are you waiting for? Click that play button.

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CYS Mentor Program - (Beta) on 1/12/2020 9:55:32 PM
I would like to sign up as a mentee. I think my main problem is finishing the storygames I begin. Often, I’ll get carried away with new ideas but would either lack the motivation or the time to finish them. Also, there are times where I would keeping re-writing and deleting the same thing because I think that what I wrote was not good enough. As for my schedule, I cannot say that I would be online too often, especially when school starts in a week (I’m currently in high school). As far as I know, I would still be able to be somewhat active on this site except when exam week comes around or homework starts piling up. The rate of my progress would be rather irregular, because there are days when I suddenly feel inspired and other days when I just cannot bring myself to stare at the computer for any longer.

Guess Who’s Banned? on 1/2/2020 3:20:15 AM

Since there are a lot of sarcasm in this thread and in the forums in general, I do not know it this is a genuine question or not (I'm not the best at social cues, if you can tell...) But I'm going to answer it regardless. After scrutinising the riddle for a bit (I can't believe I did not guess it right away, the title was a giveaway), I think I've solved it. The answer is BAND 

I'm made of rubber (rubber band), or march with brass;(Musical bands)

I hold back the hair of a fetching lass;(Hairbands)

Bilarro's were iron (this required a bit of web browsing, but the answer is the same); on a bride's hand, I flash.(wedding bands)

And what will you soon be, alas? (banned)

Oh, and if this is sarcasm...perhaps this would save other people a few seconds of their time trying to figure it out?

Black, Female or Gay? on 12/8/2019 8:27:13 AM

Mystic_Warrior: Straight Asian Female  - Straight White Female?