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What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?


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My commissions are open if you're looking to hire the spectacular me! Send me a message! (I'll get back to you quicker on Discord --- Hatter#5001)

I implore you to read Edithe Zilonis, Soul Thief and Biscuits and Ghosts because sometimes I write too! :~)


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Featured Story Biscuits and Ghosts

An estranged lover meets an estranged lover, and together they solve a mystery that has been plaguing Blackwood for some time.


The stunning conclusion to the Blackwood Chronicles!

And while this story does stand alone, a clever ghost might read Edithe Zilonis and Soul Thief beforehand. . .

Featured Story Edithe Zilonis

An undertaker meets a dead woman who is more alive than most of the living.

A (mostly) illustrated story involving a very mysterious murder, ghostly romance and spirits possessing --- the dead?

Let's not worry ourselves with the details. This is Blackwood, after all.


UPDATE 11/9/19: Housekeeping and an added Bonus Update Epilogue. All your questions will be answered in time. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/13/20: New, better art (finally!) The original art looked like it was hastily drawn in twenty minutes as if I was completely over this story by the time for illustrations came. (You all can tell me when my art sucks, sheesh!) Enjoy!

Featured Story Soul Thief

The Gods discover a soul thief among humans.

A story about an ethereal romance and an otherworldly mystery.


Entrant and winner of EndMaster's IS "Resurrection" Contest!

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Ah, thank you! "Click every exclamation mark" is very good advice!

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I downloaded this and then spent two hours playing it but I still don't understand how it all works. I'm also out of supplies and none of my clothes match. :~(

I did get a fantabulous birthday outfit by selling some of my personal information. :~)


I also found some codes to redeem things but no clothes unfortunately. The majority of them work.

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